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Beating Weight Loss And Fitness Plateaus

Beating Weight Loss And Fitness Plateaus

Did you ever look at yourself in the mirror, after a hardcore gym session, and wonder when your progress is going to show in your reflection?

As morbid as it may sound, those days happen to the best of us. As a person who’s proud but never satisfied of my progress, I know how that feels. You want to see those muscle lines show and want to feel those clothes get looser around you, even if it means spending another day at the mall for a shopping spree. I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your weight loss journey, especially when you’ve tried it all. This plateau, whether it is physical or mental, keeps you from reaching your fitness goal. It keeps you overweight for some reason, and you just feel like there’s nothing else you can do.

I know how that feels, since I’ve been there.

I remember looking at myself in the mirror and wondering where all my progress went. I remember eyeing that extra cupcake and wishing I had someone near me to remind me of my goals, before I shoved the colorful sugar-bomb down my throat. I mean, I still went to the gym and burned calories, but it just seemed like something was missing that kept me overweight for no reason.

Since for the most part we've been in your position ourselves, we at Weight Crafters have made sure to incorporate everything we wished we had back then into the Weight Crafters live-in weight loss program. There’s absolutely no reason why you should feel unworthy of losing weight just because you’ve reached a plateau. At our camp, we make sure to push you the right way in order to keep you on track.

We bust mental and physical plateaus everyday through our large variety of exercises and personalized health and fitness plans.

If you need a sign that it’s time to change, this is it.

This is the sign that is telling you to take your weight loss journey into your hands and reach your goals. If you’re looking for some tough love or simply some support while you’re battling through the weight loss obstacles, come talk to us. We don’t bite… Usually.

Weight Crafters' "fat farm" program is designed to bust the plateau you’ve reached and bring your body to a whole new level but first, tell me; how bad do you want it?

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