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A healthy and sustainable approach to fitness & weight loss

Whether you're looking for a quick jump-start or a long-term dedicated weight loss transformation, we offer a unique and effective approach that will help you improve your health, better your life, and maintain your results long after your return home.

The #1 Rated Residential
Weight Loss Program in the USA

  • Freedom from Distractions
  • Structure and Support
  • Nutritional Education and Guidance
  • Daily Fitness and Exercise
  • Habit Building

The Best Value

Your stay with Weight Crafters is an investment in your health and well-being.

Like any investment, you want to see the maximum results for what you invest. Our program is precision crafted to offer the most health benefits dollar-for-dollar of any weight loss and fitness retreat in the world. And with all-inclusive rates, you can rest easy knowing nothing is lacking. No surprise fees or expensive add-ons.

The Best in Practice

The weight loss camp model is easily the most effective, successful, and lasting method for genuine lasting weight loss available today. And ours sets the standard.

There's no substitute for doing things right. At Weight Crafters, you'll learn to enjoy healthy food that you can make yourself after you return home. You'll build healthy habits to sustain your results. You'll push your physical limits to improve strength, balance, agility, mobility and stamina. No distractions. No excuses. No kidding.

We promise you'll return home feeling stronger, lighter, healthier - and very likely younger.

The Best Location

Enjoy the Gulf breezes, soothing waves and warm sunsets at Weight Crafters.

Just outside of Tampa Bay with almost 3 miles of delightful white sands at the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, our Madeira Beach location provides an ideal setting to focus on your health.

Whether you spend your evenings exploring John's Pass and the R.O.C. Park, or simply relaxing in our water-view accommodations, Weight Crafters is the perfect place for a genuine fitness vacation.

The Best Team

Adjusting the course of your health is not a privilege we take lightly.

The reason we can help you succeed in areas where you may have previously failed, is that Weight Crafters provides the levels of support, guidance and motivation you actually need to succeed.

Our highly experienced and knowledgable staff will help you every step along the way to a brighter, healthier future. That's our commitment to you.

The Best in Small Group Classes

Getting lost in a crowd never feels good, and it isn't efficient for getting fit or losing weight.

Every individual has different needs, speeds and goals. At Weight Crafters, you can expect a small group, boutique-styled environment. We provide a shared experience, while giving you the individual attention you need and deserve.

Don't be a faceless name on a sheet. Find comradere and genuine personal guidance at Weight Crafters.

Award-Winning Hotel Accommodations

Relax, rest and awaken in comfort at Weight Crafters.

Our partnership with The Courtyard complements our program and process perfectly with award-winning accommodations and beautiful water-view rooms just a short walk from the white sand beaches.

At the end of an exciting and highly active day, there's no better place to relax and recharge.

Built on U.S.M.C. Principles

The most advanced military trainers in the world use our core fitness and health concepts.

Our program is far from a bootcamp - however we center our programs around time-tested and proven concepts originally developed for the United States Marines. As a result, our process easily accommodates nearly all levels of fitness and health.

Whatever your challenge, we will help you improvise, adapt and overcome.

Helping People for Over 15 Years

Weight Crafters has been helping countless adults and seniors from all walks of life change the course of their lives since 2007 - and our satisfied clients say it all:

"The trainers were fantastic, although there were other people in the training session I never felt neglected. The food was delicious and the staff was knowledgeable and attentive to everyone's varying needs..."

Samantha White

"I just left a 3 week stay. I didn’t want to leave!! This program is what i had been looking for! I’ve lost weight, inches, learned portion control all from very good and knowledgeable trainers. This was my reset!"

Yvonne Bell

"I stayed for 12 weeks and lost almost 100 pounds. Going to this camp changed my life! When I first got there I could hardly do 5 minutes on an elliptical. When I left I could crank out 2 hours no problem..."

Nick Collins

No Tricks, Gimmicks or False Pretenses

We pride ourselves in providing real results for real people, and telling it straight.

In the realm of weight loss, honesty and integrity are a rare commodity. Countless programs and services make claims they can't deliver, sell experiences they can't provide, or dangle enticing deals and promotions before burying you in hidden fees and surprise fine print.

At Weight Crafters, what you see is what you get. And what we promise is what we deliver.

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