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Do they really help people change their lifestyle?

Weight is only part of the story

Loss of scaleable weight at a weight loss camp is quite often the number one concern of folks attending. However; anyone with an experience or professional training in this field understands that progress can be more accurately measured through:

  • Body fat reduction percentage
  • Number of measurable inches of lost body mass
  • Increased lean muscle
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved Endurance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved mobility
  • Building healthy habits

Are weight loss camps effective?

Do weight loss camps work? In a word, yes. Most weight loss camps, fat camps and fat farms have a proven track record of helping participants lose weight, and the results are typically better and more reliable than self-administered diets and fitness programs.

Residential programs that claim fitness retreats & fat camps do not work are typically trying to differentiate themselves with deceptive wording in order to charge you more money for something that is exactly the same thing. Be cautious of programs claiming to be "different" & "elaborate" in their approach.

Weight loss and fat camps have been around for decades and decades, and although the approaches have improved (along with the results) if these programs did not work—then at this point, they would have ceased to exist.

Having said that—the question as to whether weight loss & fat camps work is really the wrong question. The question that you, as a prospective client, should ask yourself is: Am I really going to commit myself to this program and the tools they give me when I return home? If the answer is no, then do not waste your time or money attending.

The problem with crash diets

When you measure results purely in pounds lost per timeframe spent, weight loss camps are easily one of the best options available to reliably lose weight—bar none. Problems arise however, when your weight is the only target on the board.

If all you care about is pounds on the scale, a highly restrictive starvation diet is all it takes to get there. It's called starvation for good reason—your body is designed to try and stay alive. Diets like this trigger starvation protocols, causing your body to slow metabolism, reduce hormone levels that regulate hunger, and work harder to pull calories and nutrients out of the food you do eat.

When you're fighting against your body, there is absolutely no way of sustaining your results. The moment you return home, your body will do everything possible to regain the weight you lost. Not because you actually need the extra weight—but because your body thinks it's the key to survival.

Truly sustainable weight loss

In order to achieve long-lasting results, you need to work with your body, not against it—and you need to do this in a way that can be sustained as part of your natural lifestyle after you return home.

At Weight Crafters, we focus on equipping you with the tools, knowledge and habits you need to make a lasting lifestyle change. This means engaging in an assortment of fitness and exercise activities to improve your strength and maintain healthy muscle. It also means eating healthy portions of healthy foods at regular times each day—and ensuring that mealtime is genuinely enjoyable. Most importantly, it means helping you appreciate and nurture your whole health.

When you attend our program, you will absolutely lose weight. But more importantly, you will return home feeling stronger, lighter, healthier and more agile.

And if we've done our job right, you'll begin putting into practice the methods you learned at Weight Crafters - ensuring that your long-term health benefits far outweigh the initial measurements on the scale.

This older gentleman exercising at Weight Crafters appreciates our experienced weight loss resort staff.
Seniors enjoying a water aerobics session at Weight Crafters, designed to burn fat without joint pain.
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