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About Us

Better Health - Better Life - Better You!

Our Mission


We exist to inspire you to live a healthy, fulfilling life. We believe in creating a disciplined life, in which you care for your mind, body and spirit. We’ll show you habits and routines that have worked for us personally, and for hundreds of our clients.


It’s not about the scale here.

Our clients find us because they are searching for a fat camp, fat farm, weight loss camp, fitness retreat, or fitness vacation where they can pop in and lose weight fast.

However, we like to think of ourselves as a wellness retreat—with a focus on wellness of the mind, body and spirit!

We sweat, we work hard, we eat well, and we leave time and room in your schedule for relaxation and restoration.

When you are able to shift your mindset and create healthy disciplines in your life, the weight loss will take care of itself.

Entrusting us with your well-being is a big responsibility. We are up to the task and are honored to have earned your trust. We won't fail you and we will not stand idly by and let you fail yourself - YOU are too important to YOU for us to let that happen.

Why trust Weight Crafters with your health & weight loss?

At Weight Crafters, we have the experience and expertise to help you turn your health around responsibly. Our decades of tenure in the field dictate that every exercise, every activity, every meal and every choice provided during your time with us is carefully balanced to provide maximum results SAFELY.

The reason we can help you succeed in areas where you may have previously failed, is that Weight Crafters provides the levels of support, guidance and motivation you actually need to succeed. Our weight loss programs are built upon decades of experience, education and a whole-person view of the problem. Our staff is small, but professional, and genuinely cares about your well-being. It's a genuinely winning combination!

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