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Working Remotely at Weight Loss Camp

What if your job provides flexible hours in front of a computer screen?

Can I work remotely from Weight Crafters?

Yes! We've had many clients successfully participate in our program while fulfilling their duties to their clients, bosses, and business partners.

The Courtyard by Marriott provides complimentary high-speed internet as well as a business center with computers and a printer available for use. Each guest room is also equipped with a large desk and rolling computer chair.

Space to work and connectivity won't be an issue here; rather, your answer will depend on a couple of other criteria.

First, the meals and daily fitness routines at Weight Crafters operate around a fixed schedule. We have found that creating a reliable and stable routine helps clients build healthy habits, better enjoy their stay, and see longer lasting results vs. other fat camp / fat farm programs.

However, a fixed schedule means that completing your remote work either have to be done during off-hours, or will come at the expense of missing a fitness activity session.

Missing activity sessions may affect the outcome of your results while you're with us, but we understand and appreciate the urgency and importance of removing yourself from your everday stressors and taking any steps possible to put your health first. When we have clients who are working remotely, they simply do the best they can with the time they've got—and that's a true testament to committing to a healthier lifestyle!

Depending on the factors above, you may be able to work remotely while attending weight loss camp. We have no rules against it, so long as you understand what you're signing up for.

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