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You can't put a price
on your health

But we've worked hard to make it
as affordable as possible.

Having a comfortable home away from home is important to your success.

All-Inclusive Program

Feb-Apr Snowbird Rate

at Courtyard by Marriott


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- OR -

All-Inclusive Program

May-Jan Regular Rate

at Courtyard by Marriott


Full Accommodations at Courtyard by Marriott

Daily Meals and Snacks

24 Hours of Instructor Guided Group Training

Indoor Training & Outdoor Activities

1 Massage Per Week

1 Group Life Coaching /

1 Nutritional Education Session Per Week

1 Grocery Store Shopping Session Per Week

Before and After Pictures

Weigh-In/Weight Out and Measurements

Detailed Follow up Plan and Support

All-Inclusive Program
April 23rd, 2023 through January 28th, 2024

*** Regular Rates, Subject to Availability

mAY 19TH, 2024 THRU JUNE 23RD, 2024

Lowest Rates/Best Program/5 Star Rating

Private Room - $3,299/$2,999

You save $300!

Per Person/Per Week

Discounts Not Applicable during Specials - See Below

Shared Room - *$2,499/$2,299

You save $200!

Per Person/Per Week



All-Inclusive Program
January 28th, 2024 through April 28th, 2024

*** Seasonal Rates, Subject to Availability

SnowBird Rates

Private Room - $3,499

Per Person/Per Week

Discounts Not Available during Snowbird Season

Shared Room - *$2,499

Per Person/Per Week

Snowbird Rates apply January 28th, 2024 thru April 28th, 2024

*** Please see notes and disclaimers below ***

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Discount Rate may also be available for groups of 4 or more, or individual guests booking a stay longer than 4 weeks.
Please contact us for additional details.

  • * Weight Crafters does NOT arrange shared rooms.
    You must arrange your own guest to accompany you (e.g. a friend, spouse, etc.)

Frequently asked questions about paying for weight loss camp

Discounts available in the following categories:

  • Current / Former Military
  • Police / First Responders
  • Medical Professionals
  • K-12 Educators
  • Weight Crafters Alumni
  • Seniors & AARP Members
  • Type 2 Diabetics

Are there discounts available?

Yes! At Weight Crafters, we provide a 5% discount if you fall into any of the categories shown here. Groups of 4 or more can also receive flexible rates depending on the situation.

Please keep in mind that these discounts usually cannot be stacked with sale markdowns.

Click here to learn more about our available discounts.

Grants for Weight Loss Camp

Unfortunately, this is also not an option as far as we know. At Weight Crafters, we are not aware of any grants by government agencies or private organizations that cover residential weight loss.

Does insurance cover weight loss camp?

Unfortunately, no. Insurance companies will at times agree to partially pay for medical residential weight loss treatments however; they do not cover non-medical procedures.

Is financing available for weight loss camp?

Claiming that financing is available makes a nice sales statement to draw in potential clients, but typically when a fitness retreat or weight loss camp offers financing options, they are referring you to a third party financial institution.

Weight Crafters has looked into this specialized financing, and we do not recommend it. This is because the terms and interest rates are usually far less ideal than the terms and interest you would get from your bank or credit union.

We accept personal checks, credit cards and cash.

If you're looking to finance your stay, Weight Crafters recommends reaching out to your bank or credit union for terms on a personal loan.

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