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Will I Fit In at Weight Loss Camp?

Absolutely. Weight Crafters is a Judgment-Free zone.

100% Focus on Health

  • Escape the distractions of daily life
  • Let us plan your activities and meals
  • Rest your mind and allow the experience to bring rejuvenation and recovery
  • Enjoy the longest-lasting health results of any fitness & weight loss process

Anxious about attending a residential weight loss program?

Don't be—you're going to do great here!

At Weight Crafters, we specialize in helping those with serious weight or other health problems.

There's no reason to be anxious—we're here to help you overcome the challenges, and become someone who is used to exercise, eats healthy and has gained more confidence that they are able to take care of their body.

Forget everything you thought you knew about fat camp or fat farm. All of our clients share similar challenges and goals. When you engage in our adult weight loss program at Weight Crafters, you will find yourself in an environment with very caring people who are 100% committed to your success.

By the time you return home, you will have achieved the goals your body, mind and spirit need to achieve, as long as you stay focused on the goal!

Attending with an injury or ongoing health condition

Weight Crafters is not a mental health, medical or rehabilitation center suited for handling significant medical or psychological needs.

However as a weight loss camp we have all the experience and know-how to help many clients regain lost mobility, recover after injuries or minor surgery, and overcome emotional challenges that have prevented them from attaining success in the past.

Let us know what the issue is, and what your limitations are.

We are dedicated to helping you regain your health. We specialize in taking your broken body and helping you to mend it. As long as your injury or problem is not very recent, or unhealed and incapacitating, we can often provide a training program that will actually accelerate the healing process.

In our unique residential fitness retreat, we strive to tailor fit our technique to every participant - and we will modify any exercises necessary to keep you progressing safely!

NOTE: Weight Crafters does not accept clients with Type 1 Diabetes. We strongly recommend that you attend a program with medical supervision if you suffer from Type 1 Diabetes.

Is weight loss camp like boot camp in the military?

While it's true that our founder is a United States Marine Corps veteran, our fitness retreat is nothing like Parris Island. Nobody will scream in your face, or make you do push-ups and jumping jacks in the mud.

You aren't here to get toughened up for war - you're with us to have a good time while improving your health and hopefully starting down the path to a long-term healthier lifestyle. We do provide structure and support - but it's a completely different approach.

Does gender matter, when it comes to weight loss camp?

Gender does play a role in your journey to a healthier weight - but the differences equal out over time. Studies have shown that men typically lose more weight in the first few weeks after starting a weight loss program. Over the longer term however, women will generally catch up.

This is why it's crucially important that you think of your time at weight-loss camp as a jump start, rather than a quick fix.

The habits, strength and motivation you build while you're here with us at Weight Crafters are going to keep you moving forward towards your goals in the coming months after you return home.

This older gentleman exercising at Weight Crafters appreciates our experienced weight loss resort staff.
Seniors enjoying a water aerobics session at Weight Crafters, designed to burn fat without joint pain.
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