The True Fire
Fitness System™

The True Fire System™ is our three-part scientific nutritional and exercise process designed to maximize health results for all ages and body types.

Our Proprietary System

  • Fast, Powerful Results
  • Works With Your Body, Not Against It
  • Complete Exercise and Nutrition Guidelines - No Guesswork
  • Works for All Ages and Body Types

1. Weight Stopper

First things first… we’ve got to stop gaining!

Our properly portioned meals and snacks will keep you full and fuel your workouts. You’ll be so satisfied with (and probably surprised by) the amount of nutritious food you get to enjoy!

2. Cardio Blast

Improve your heart health, boost your immune system and elevate your mood!

You’ll get to experience low, moderate and high intensity cardio exercises and routines, and we’ll teach you the benefits of each style of training.

3. Power House

You’ll build lean muscle mass, improve muscular endurance, and burn fat through a variety of resistance and strength training routines.

You’ll also learn why muscle mass is so important for maintaining weight loss and better overall health.

1 + 2 + 3 =


The perfect combination of all three True Fire applications maximizes calorie burn, builds muscle, increases flexibility and burns fat.


Please Note: Weight Crafters is not a medical facility - and therefore we do not possess the ability to medically evaluate or diagnose clients for diseases or chronic medical conditions. This is why we suggest that you see your personal physician before attending the program, to ensure that they agree that you are medically capable of participating.

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