Low Impact Exercise

Making the benefits of intense physical exercise more accessible for beginners, seniors and more!

Low Impact Exercises

Low impact activities are of utmost importance in any quality fat camp, fat farm or weight loss camp program. Low-impact exercises we offer include:

Exercise Techniques Ideal for Older or Heavier Adults

We've seen clients from all walks of life, all fitness levels, and all ages at Weight Crafters. As such, our team is experienced and knowledgeable across all levels of fitness and exercise routines, in order to provide exactly the right workout for our clients' unique needs. We have found however, that low impact exercise is a very common need.

Low impact training employs exercises and processes that work out the body without putting undue stresses on your joints. A rule of thumb when engaging low impact exercise, is that you always have at least one foot on the ground at any given time. The goal is to get the benefits of intense exercise without jarring the body, worsening joint pains or causing stress to the spine.

Reasons to choose a Low Impact Workout Routine

Low impact exercise is typically easier and more intuitive to get the hang of, and start slow. It is particularly applicable to seniors, as it is generally easier on your body and reduces the risk of injury.

It also lends itself to helping those working to lose significant amounts of weight, or regain lost mobility due to weight and health issues.

Benefits of Low Impact Exercise

Low impact workouts aren't just for those who aren't capable of other exercise styles. There are many reasons to consider incorporating low impact techniques into your exercise routine, regardless of your fitness level:

Weight Management

Low impact exercise can be just as effective as faster-paced and more aggressive workouts at burning calories. This is a crucial factor at Weight Crafters.

Improved Flexibility

Many low-impact exercises natively help to enhance your balance, core strength, and flexibility. This can work wonders to relieve aches and pains, and reduce stiffness.

Increased Activity

While more intense exercise often requires taking days off for rest and recovery, low impact techniques put less stress on your body, and require less downtime to recover. This means you can stay more consistent day-to-day.

Mental and Emotional

Studies have repeatedly proven the antidepressant effects of regular exercise. Engaging in low impact exercises every day can significantly reduce rates of depression, improve your mood, increase your energy, and help you feel more positive about life.

This older gentleman exercising at Weight Crafters appreciates our experienced weight loss resort staff.
Seniors enjoying a water aerobics session at Weight Crafters, designed to burn fat without joint pain.


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