Get Fit in Spokane: Fun Outdoor Exercise Ideas for All Levels

Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Want to breathe in fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery while getting your sweat on? Look no further than Spokane, Washington! This city is filled with outdoor exercise opportunities suitable for all levels of fitness.

Hiking Trails

Spokane is surrounded by beautiful mountains, making it the perfect place for hiking. Check out the Spokane River Centennial Trail, a 37-mile trail that follows the Spokane River and offers stunning views of the city. For a more challenging hike, head to Mount Spokane State Park and tackle the 5.5-mile trail to the summit for breathtaking panoramic views.

Biking Routes

If you prefer to bike, Spokane has plenty of options for you too. The Centennial Trail is also bike-friendly, and you can rent a bike from Wheel Sport Bicycles to explore the trail or rent a mountain bike to tackle some of the city's more challenging trails. For a leisurely ride, head to Riverside State Park and explore the 9-mile long Bowl & Pitcher Loop.

Paddle Boarding

Get out on the water and try paddle boarding! Spokane has several lakes and rivers that are perfect for this activity, including Medical Lake and the Spokane River. Rentals are available at Fun Unlimited, and they even offer yoga classes on paddle boards for an extra challenge.

Outdoor Bootcamp Classes

If you're looking for a more structured workout, try an outdoor bootcamp class. Spokane has several options, including Spokane Fitness Center and The Union Fitness. These classes incorporate a variety of exercises and equipment to give you a full-body workout while enjoying the fresh air.

Final Recommendation

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