Get Active and Stay Motivated: Rome's Best Outdoor Workouts

Tired of being cooped up in a gym? It's time to take your workout outside and enjoy all that Rome, New York has to offer. With a variety of outdoor activities and fitness classes, you can stay active and motivated while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Running Trails

One of the best ways to explore the outdoors while getting a great workout is by running. Rome offers a variety of trails for all fitness levels. The Erie Canalway Trail is a popular choice, offering over 360 miles of scenic views along the Erie Canal. The Mohawk River Trail is another great option, with beautiful views of the Mohawk River and a 3.2 mile loop.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

If you're looking for a group workout, there are plenty of outdoor fitness classes offered in Rome. Fit Body Boot Camp offers high-intensity interval training in a fun and supportive environment. The Rome YMCA also offers outdoor fitness classes, including yoga and pilates.


hiking is a great way to challenge yourself while enjoying the outdoors. Rome offers a variety of hiking trails, including the Delta Lake State Park Trail and the Rome Sand Plains Unique Area Trail. Both trails offer beautiful views and a moderate level of difficulty.


If you prefer biking to running, there are plenty of options in Rome. The Erie Canalway Trail is a popular choice for bikers, offering a smooth and scenic ride. The Rome Sand Plains Unique Area Trail is also a great option for mountain biking.


For a more adventurous workout, try kayaking on the Mohawk River. Kayaking is a great upper body workout and allows you to explore the river and its wildlife up close.

Overall, Rome offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and workouts for all fitness levels. So, get out there and enjoy the beautiful scenery while staying active and motivated.

Looking for More?

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