The Ultimate Guide to Hiking Trails in Denver for Weight Loss

Looking to get in shape and explore the beauty of Denver? hiking is a great way to do both! Not only can hiking help you shed those extra pounds, but it's also a fun and enjoyable way to spend time outdoors.

Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is a great place to start your hiking journey. With over 20 miles of trails, you can easily spend an entire day exploring the park. The trails are mostly flat, making it a great option for beginners. And if you want to add some extra challenge to your hike, there are some hills and stairs to climb.

Mt. Falcon Park

If you're looking for a more challenging hike, Mt. Falcon Park is the perfect spot. The park features over 12 miles of trails, with some steep inclines and rocky terrain. But the views from the top are worth the effort! On a clear day, you can see all the way to downtown Denver.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is not only a great place to see a concert, but it's also a great place to hike. The park features over 6 miles of trails, with stunning views of the red rock formations. The trails can be steep and challenging, but the views are worth it.

Rocky Mountain National Park

If you're willing to venture a bit further outside of Denver, Rocky Mountain National Park is a must-see. The park features over 350 miles of trails, with options for all skill levels. From easy, flat trails to challenging hikes up steep mountains, there's something for everyone. And the scenery is breathtaking.


hiking is a great way to get in shape and explore the beauty of Denver. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hiker, there's a trail for you. So grab your hiking boots and hit the trails!

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