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Private Weight Loss Camp for Adults and Seniors

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Why Attend CFS Weight Loss Camp?

Choosing the right weight loss program is a life changing decision.

    Come experience CFS fat camps for adults - it's better than you think!
    Our weight loss programs will change your life!
    Adult fat camp done right at CFS!
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    Weight loss for men & weight loss for women at CFS.

If you're here, right now, then you've probably already given some thought to taking a fitness vacation or enrolling in a fat camp. The reasons to do so are abundant and obvious.

Choosing the right weight loss camp to make that change in your life is an important decision.

The location, curriculum and people you select are going to take a direct and active role in the kind of life you live going forward.

It's not a choice to be taken lightly.

Learn more about America's top rated non medical weight loss clinic and wellness center for adults and seniors!

Weightloss Camp Done Right - Get Started Today at CFS!

Why A Weight Loss Camp?

Removing All Distractions

When it comes to losing weight, certain excuses tend to crop up more than others. Being too busy with daily life is often a top contender.

There is truth to this - when you're focused on other aspects of your life, it can be more challenging to take a health and lifestyle change seriously. At camp however, the rest of your life goes on the back burner. You're here to get fit. It's your full time job. And you'll be amazed how far you can go when you give your health the priority it deserves!

Dedicated, Expert Guidance

Serious weight loss is a serious task. Removing 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 50 lbs, 100 lbs of weight or more from your body is no trivial matter - the body undergoes many significant and important changes.

Don't trust just any fat camp with your future - you need top notch professionals with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process safely! People who will provide plenty of personal attention and support in order to help you achieve your goals!

Rebooting Your Life

When you elect to attend a weight loss camp, you are not just trying the latest fad diet, or popping a random "miracle" pill you saw on TV. Those choices typically require very little in the way of commitment or significant investment.

The decision to enroll at Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults is a decision to completely change the course and direction of your life. It is a new start. A fresh beginning. A life reboot. One that will hopefully add quality and years to the rest of your life.

Why Choose Weight Crafters / CFS?

A Genuinely Personal Experience

When you arrive at Weight Crafters / CFS, you are doing more than simply trying a new experiment. You are entrusting us with your current and future well being and your ability to reach your goals. You are placing your health, your habits, your nutrition, and thereby ultimately your future in our hands.

At Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults we take changing lives seriously. By limiting our classes to no more than 7-10 at a time, we make sure to give every client the one-on-one personal attention and service they deserve. When you arrive, you're not just another name on a board. You're our guest and a part of our family.

Weight Loss Is Our Specialty

Some places offer more sports, more recreation, or more luxury depending on their specialty. Weight loss is our specialty.

We excell at helping our clients lose significant amounts of weight quickly, safely, and in many cases - permanently.

Entrusting us with your well-being is a big responsibility. We are up to the task and are honored to have earned your trust. We won't fail you and we will not stand idly by and let you fail yourself - YOU are too important to YOU for us to let that happen.

We're Honestly All-Inclusive

Looking ahead is important. When selecting a fitness camp, you need to know that they can and will provide for ALL of your needs while you're there - as well as ongoing support after you leave.

At Weight Crafters / CFS, our prices are all inclusive, up front. No catches. No addons. And our programs are all inclusive as well, ensuring not only your physical training, but also considering your mental and emotional well-being.

Losing weight is a big change that affects your whole being - and we will be there for you every step of the way!

Trust Weight Crafters / CFS with Your Health & Weight Loss

At Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults, we have the experience and expertise to help you turn your health around responsibly.

Our decades of tenure in the field dictate that every exercise, every activity, every meal and every choice provided during your time with us is carefully balanced to provide maximum results SAFELY.

Spring Special Rates

Spring into shape with the Weight Crafters CFS Spring Special!

Rates valid if you book and attend before June 30th, 2019.

 Regular RatesSpring SpecialYou Save
1 Week
Private Condo Provided
$2,899 /wk$2,599
Per Person, Per Week
2 Weeks
Private Condo Provided
$2,799 /wk$2,499
Per Person, Per Week
3 Weeks
Private Condo Provided
$2,699 /wk$2,399
Per Person, Per Week
4 Weeks
Private Condo Provided
$2,499 /wk$2,199
Per Person, Per Week
Looking to stay 5 weeks or longer? Want to attend with a spouse or a friend? Or perhaps even a group? Request More Information for Discounted Pricing.Click

Rates valid if you book and attend before June 30th, 2019.

What's Included

  • Beautiful White Sand Florida Beaches
  • Private, Fully-Equipped Condo
  • 1 Deep-Tissue Massage per week
  • 3 Deliciously Prepared Meals daily
  • Kayaking / Paddleboarding
  • 4 hours Group Fitness Training daily
  • Body Composition & Measurements
  • Before and After Photo Montage
  • Daily Snacks & Much More...
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