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Weight Crafters weight loss retreat and fitness camp for adults and seniors

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Preventing Workout Plateaus

Because Losing Momentum Is Flat Out Frustrating.

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    CFS Weight Loss Retreats for Adults: Discover what makes us different.

Plateaus happen because your body is amazing.

Your body is naturally designed to build immunity to the stresses of exercise. It will adapt to repetitive training, causing your progress gaining muscle or losing weight to slow, and eventually stop. This is your Workout Plateau.

Ever put a potted plant next to a window? In a few days the plant will be bent completely towards the light. To keep your plant natural looking, you have to turn it around every few days. The same logic applies to your fitness routine - sticking to a single exercise regemin allows your body to adapt and counter your efforts. To prevent this, the key is adding endless variety.

In the Weight Crafters / CFS fitness & weight loss camp programs, we employ the True Fire Fitness System. True Fire is a carefully crafted process specifically designed for the fat camp / fat farm model. It prevents your body from adapting, while simultaneously providing full body exercise. The result is explosive weight loss, substantial strength increase, better stamina and more.

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Affordable Weight Loss Camp just got even better! Save today before it's gone!
Affordable Weight Loss Camp just got even better! Save today before it's gone!