Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness Camp - America's #1 Rated Fat Camp for Adults and Seniors
Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness Camp - America's #1 Rated Fat Camp for Adults and Seniors
Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness Camp - America's #1 Rated Fat Camp for Adults and Seniors

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Powerful. Scientific. Proven.

The key to your success is our scientific nutritional and exercise process.

The True Fire Fitness System was developed by weight loss and fitness experts exclusively for Weight Crafters in order to produce unparalleled fitness gains and weight loss results unlike anything else currently being used in the fitness industry. It is the #1 ranked fitness and weight loss program in the country for a non medical weight loss environment.

The results are accelerated, long lasting, and dramatically improved.


Weight Stopper

The Weight Stopper program is designed specifically to target excessive weight gain issues and to reverse the effects of excessive fat tissue throughout the body.

By combining a series of exercises and techniques, in order to accelerate calorie burn and simultaneously bringing down calorie intake with balanced nutrition, the Weight Stopper program accomplishes twice the weight loss in half the time of traditional exercise techniques.


Power House

The Power House program is designed to specifically target key muscle groups throughout the body. The program builds muscle mass in definition and shapes the body with scientific precision.

Each body is a little different, and the Power House program is designed to mold you into the image you desire, and increase your strength to levels you may have never thought possible.


Cardio Blast

The Cardio Blast program is designed to specifically target key respiratory and cardio functions of the body to increase energy, decrease heart rate and blood pressure, and to reduce anxiety and stress.

Cardio Blast accomplishes this while simultaneously building muscle strength and reducing unhealthy calorie intake. With the Cardio Blast program, you will find yourself having the energy, strength and clearness of mind that you desire, but thought was beyond reach.



The True Fire Trinityfire program is designed for those individuals who need the full level of all three True Fire programs merged into one. This program targets weight, strength and cardio - and delivers unparalleled results for those in need of all three.

Need to completely rebuild your entire system and health? The Trinityfire program is the right choice for you!



Getting in shape isn't just for the young. While the challenges of losing weight and building strong, lean muscle increase as you age, it is absolutely possible and completely achievable. As an extension of our popular TrinityFire program, the True Fire Silver process is built on low-impact and reduced risk activities designed specifically for the needs of seniors and older adults.

Applying all of the same principles as the rest of our True Fire programs, Silver also targets mobility - helping you regain strength, recover range of motion, and just plain feel lighter on your feet again. The ultimate goal of True Fire Silver is to make you feel more like your younger self - and it works!

Weight Crafters CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults will help you reach your goals by applying one, multiple, or all of our True Fire Fitness System techniques throughout your stay with us.

It's a difference you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate. Come and join us and have yourself a fitness vacation!

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The Weight Crafters Fitness & Weight Loss Camp (fat camp, fat farm, fitness retreat) reccommends these organizations and resources for our Senior and Older Adult Clients:

The American Heart Association
Generations United - Improving the lives of children, youth and older adults through intergenerational collaboration, public policies, and programs
The 5 A Day for Better Health Program from the USDA Food and Nutrition Service
Healthy Aging for Older Adults - Center for Healthy Aging - NCOA
The Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP)

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