Weight Crafters / CFS Camp - America's #1 Rated Fat Camp for Adults and Seniors

  Update: We survived hurricane Irma | Click Here for Details

Weight Crafters / CFS Camp - America's #1 Rated Fat Camp for Adults and Seniors
Weight Crafters / CFS Camp - America's #1 Rated Fat Camp for Adults and Seniors

  Update: We survived hurricane Irma | Click Here for Details

How Does Weight Loss Camp Work?

If you've ever watched television shows like "The Biggest Loser", you may have some pre-concieved notions about weight loss camps. The basics may be similar, but the details are different in important ways.

Weight loss camps like Weight Crafters are positive, encouraging environments where you can come to get away from your everyday life and really focus on improving your health.

From the moment you arrive until the day you return home, your meals and schedule are all provided for you. Some days, this means an intense workout in the gym. Other days, it could mean basketball and tennis near the beach. Still others, a kayaking or paddleboard trip with a chance to see dolphins and other native wildlife.

Don't expect drama or high pressure tactics from your trainers. At good weight loss camps, you can expect lots of friendly, personal attention from the staff, plenty of encouragement, and a daily lifestyle that promotes health, recovery and peace of mind.

The most important part is the habits you build, tastes you accquire, and skills you learn while you're on site. At Weight Crafters, our goal is to kick-start your journey to better health, so you can continue to improve your life long after you've returned home.


What Kind of Weight Loss Results Can I Expect?


Every person is unique, and factors like age, gender and genetics can have a big impact on the kinds of results you'll see.

You can expect to shave off inches. Combining a healthy, calorie-reduced diet with daily exercise causes your body to burn off excess fat without losing muscle. You'll see a surprising difference in size by the time you return home.

You can expect to feel stronger. Because our fitness program is designed to build strength and stamina, you will discover that everyday tasks have become easier and more effortless.

You can expect to lose a reasonable number of pounds. What's reasonable? This answer is different for everyone. Your body is going to handle the process in its' own unique way, but we will make sure you see the most results possible.

You can expect to feel better. Adopting a healthier diet or including exercise in your daily routine will certainly make you feel better, but many people don't stick with it long enough to notice the benefits. Your stay at weight loss camp ensures that you experience enough positive reinforcement to help you stay motivated after you leave.

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What are the Requirements for Age, Health, etc for Attending Weight Loss Camp?

While some of the more popular weight loss camps out there are designed for children and teenagers, Weight Crafters is specifically designed for adults. We provide powerful results for anyone from 18 to 82 and above.

Weight Crafters also offers personalized training, meals and guidance based on your needs - meaning that whether you're looking to shed 100lbs or more, recovering from a previous injury, or simply looking for a fun place to take a fitness vacation, we are ready to help.

There are a few health requirements, of course. You should always consult with your doctor (especially if you don't do much physical activity) before getting started. Certain kinds of medical conditions or recent injuries may also need to be considered.

If you're curious about weight loss camp and want to see if you qualify, just give us a call! We'll be happy to discuss your options, and help you make the change you deserve!


Is Weight Loss Camp Affordable?


This depends largely upon both the weight loss camp you choose, and your budget.

Some weight loss camps offer the bare minimum to keep their costs low, while others provide the ultimate in luxury and pampering, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Many offer different price levels, or use a "base" price online to lure you in before giving you the "real" price with extra costs and fees included.

At Weight Crafters, our programs are designed to give you plenty of personal attention and a comfortable environment, while staying as affordable as possible. Our goal is to give you the best bang for your buck, hands down.

We also use all-inclusive pricing, which means the price you see on our site is the final price you'll get.

No gimmicks, hidden costs, fees or á la carte extras.

Ready to Make a Positive Change?

Spend some time on you! Come Experience a Weight Crafters Fitness Vacation that will Transform Your Life!

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Hurricane Irma
Status Update

Weight Crafters is fully operational, and suffered very minimal damage from Hurricane Irma.

Madeira Beach is looking beautiful, the weather is great, and things have returned almost completely to normal. We thank everyone for their concern and prayers, and also thank the authorities and utility folks who have done such a great job!

Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to the people in areas of Florida and the Caribbean islands that were not so fortunate, as well as the people of Houston and surrounding areas.

Come visit us soon! ~The Weight Crafters Team

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