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Weight Crafters weight loss retreat and fitness camp for adults and seniors

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Why leave Portland to lose weight?

come enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches at weight crafters

Losing weight is never easy - but it's a lot harder when you're doing it for the fourth time. Stop the diet roller coaster, break the yo-yo weight loss cycle, and make a permanent life change at Weight Crafters.

The secret to lasting results is lifestyle change. By getting away from your daily routine, habits, stresses and triggers, you'll find it easier to embrace a healthy lifestyle. And when you return home, those healthy habits will help you maintain and even improve upon your weight loss after you return home.

If you're ready to put the battle for your waistline behind you, it's time to come to Madeira Beach and spend some time on you - at Weight Crafters!

come enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches at weight crafters

I liked the small and personalized environment much better than the larger camp I attended before. I got better results and I felt like more than just a number. The life coaching was very helpful for me as well.

~Sherri R. / Jacksonville, FL / Read More Success Stories

weight loss camp clients kayaking at weight crafters

Weight Crafters is more than just a fitness retreat - we're the number one rated adult fitness and weight loss camp in America. One of the fundamentals in achieving this, is our personalized training approach. We keep our classes small - no more than 8 at a time - to ensure that everyone who invests their time here with us gets the one-on-one attention and customized training they need to succeed. This is why we're qualified not only to generically help adults lose weight, but to work with athletes, seniors, those with sports injuries, the morbidly obese, and people in many other situations.

Going beyond the training, our nutritional process is precision honed. You'll receive three deliciously prepared meals per day that will not only meet your dietary needs and fitness goals, but also change the way you think about eating healthy!

I lost weight, inches, fat and stopped needing some of the medicines I was on as well. I would say that dollar for dollar, it was the best program I have been to.

~Jay P. / Boise, ID / Read More Success Stories

spin biking at weight crafters

Without proper rest and recovery, you can't get the most out of your routine - so completing our trifecta, accommodations at Weight Crafters are provided in the form of well-appointed condo villas with gorgeous balcony views and full kitchens, laundry, internet and more. Everything you need to feel at home.

To help you maintain your results, you'll receive a complete fitness assessment, before and after photos, a 90-day follow up plan, and the benefit of nutritional counseling and life coaching while you're here.

If you're ready to kick the diet rollercoaster once and for all, give us a call and schedule your trip from Portland to Madeira Beach, today!

spin biking at weight crafters
get started at weight crafters weight loss camp today!
get started at weight crafters weight loss camp today!

Weight loss camp

A fat camp, weight loss camp, or fat farm is a type of residential program where people who are overweight or obese go to lose weight through exercise and lifestyle changes.

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