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Weight Crafters weight loss retreat and fitness camp for adults and seniors

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The True Fire Fitness System

A finely tuned combination of nutritional & fitness sciences.

Proprietary Fitness System

  • Fast, Powerful Results
  • Works With Your Body, Not Against It
  • Complete Exercise and Nutrition Guidelines - No Guesswork
  • Works for All Ages and Body Types

How It Works: The True Fire Fitness System

At Weight Crafters, we utilize an exclusive and proprietary process known as the True Fire Fitness System. Simply put, True Fire is a scientific nutritional and exercise process designed to maximize health results for all ages and body types.

True Fire was developed with four unique applications:

TRUEFIREWeight Stopper

Weight Stopper is designed specifically to target excessive weight gain issues and reverse the effects of excessive fat tissue throughout the body.

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Power House targets key muscle groups throughout the body, building muscle mass in definition and shaping the body with scientific precision.

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TRUEFIRECardio Blast

Cardio Blast was developed to target respiratory and cardio functions of the body to increase energy, decrease heart rate and blood pressure and to reduce anxiety and stress.

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TRUEFIRETrinity Fire

Trinity Fire is designed for those individuals who need the full impact of all three programs merged into one. This program targets weight, strength and cardio, delivering unparalleled results for those in need of all three.

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