The 8 Principles of Training

The Principle of Individualization means that your weight training program has to be adjusted to meet your own unique qualities.

The Principle of Individualization: Personalizing Your Weight Training Program

The Principle of Individualization implies that individual differences require personalized adjustments to your weight training program. Scientific principles provide excellent tools, and there are lots of very well-planned programs available, but your program must be effective for you and your unique needs!

Standard lifting techniques and training principles apply to everyone, but that doesn't mean that everyone executes them in exactly the same way.

Gender Differences and age are examples of qualities for which weight training programs must be adjusted. See Senior Physical Fitness, Power Clean

Qualities such as your level of learning, muscle fiber types, and your natural abilities determine your potential to develop fitness and sport skills, and each warrants consideration as you train.

Your previous experience with weight training, level of fitness, and experience with your sport all influence how you may individualize your exercise program.

In addition, your medical history, disease, conditions, and previous injuries may also affect your selection of exercises and alternatives are best for your fitness training goals.

Even your attitude toward training, your level of motivation, and your ability to stick with your program affect your results. See Motivational Strategies

These and many other factors that are unique to you are reasons to personalize your weight training program. See Exercise Training Program 6 Training Steps

The best way to individualize your program is to set clear goals (See Setting Goals) and regularly perform fitness and sport skill tests that show how you are progressing.

Fitness Evaluations show you how you can apply the Principle of Individualization to your workouts. Your combined scores show where you are on qualities that are important to you. This allows you to make your own personal revisions to training.

Before beginning your program, identify health-related factors that would need to be addressed in your program. Obtain medical advice from a professional who can guide you in making good training decisions.

Don't feel compelled to follow standardized weight training programs developed by fitness experts or champion competitors. Just as no two people are alike, there is no single best program for everyone. See Weight Training Guide

Make sound, educated decisions about weight training, and allow yourself the latitude to adjust your program as you see fit. Your weight training program is only one part of your overall training program and a balanced lifestyle - make it work together for you! See Principle of Balance, Exercise Training Programs

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