What instrument do you play?

"It's one thing to be positive in a positive environment.  It’s another to be an instrument of change in a negative environment."  - John Maxwell

What instrument are you playing through your life? Is it playing a tune you're happy with?  I meet with several people that tell me “Sarah I want to eat well, but my family, friends and coworkers are just so negative and couldn't be more unsupportive of me living this new lifestyle. They try to convince me it’s too difficult, not enough freedom and always tempt me with food and alcohol that I know I need to avoid.”  I say it’s time to change instruments. Change your tune. Tune out the negative parts of these people and become an agent for change.

Refuse to be defeated by others lack of discipline.

Don't be manipulated by someone else's nonexistent desire towards good health.  Play your own tune.  Live your life out loud in front of them.  Eventually, I promise you will silently become the tool that single handedly changes their life.  They will on their own come to the same conclusions you have come to and finally realize they must make a change.

"Everyone has the capability of becoming a person who lifts up others.  You don't have to be rich. You don't have to be a genius.You don't have to have it all together. You do have to care about people.  Don't let another day go by without lifting up the people in your life."  - John Maxwell

Just the simple actions of you waking up early to get your morning walking in daily will make an impact on your spouse and kids. 

They will realize your health means something to you. Otherwise, you would just sleep in.  The simple action of bringing your lunch to work today in your cooler while everyone else un-wraps McDonalds, Taco Bell or the left over pizza they have, will show each of them you are serious about clean eating and changing your life.You will show them that even you can find the time to prepare your food for the week, make it taste wonderful and feel great because of it. Just the simple act of coming to the gym 2 times a week and starting a strength training program instead of heading to happy hour will show your friends that you mean business about looking better and maybe they will lay off you about drinking. They might understand that you are giving this everything you have, and you deserve support instead of discouragement.

 "If you don't allow the enemy to discourage you, one of his greatest weapons has been lost." - Joel Osteen

If you are struggling with discouragement because others around you don't support your new vision for health, change your tune. 

Pick a new instrument. Start this road alone. Choose it for you and you alone and do all that you do for the overall improvement of your health.  Whatever you want to start with, whether it's cardio, strength training, or yoga. Just get started and stick with it. Do it for yourself, not for the others around you. Trust me, when they see you, they will want what you have and eventually one day they will be the first in line to say “hey what are you doing, you look great, I want to do what you’re doing.”

"I've heard that trouble is inevitable, but misery is optional. Trouble descends on all of us from time to time, but we can decide whether to fall apart or to pull it together." - Joel Osteen.

Next time your day doesn't go your way, DON’T QUIT!

Don't give into temptation! Don't lose your focus! Fight the good fight. I guarantee you will love the way you feel if you don't grow weary in continuing to do what's right for your body.  Everyone feels better when they feel lean. They feel healthy and ready to take on the world.

Always remember that your Core Team is here to support you and lift you up.