The following is modified from a response I recently emailed a former camper who was finding the journey particularly challenging. 

I've redacted the name (since I never asked permission to use it!), but I thought there might be others who could gain something from these words.  I've rearranged parts of it to make more sense to everybody involved:
Weight loss is a heck of a journey, isn't it?  Of course we knew that it wouldn't be easy.  Many times  "life" pushes you around to see how badly you want to succeed.  A lot of people would give in, and I'm sure nobody would blame you if you did (which makes it even more difficult to stay on track, right?) but I get the feeling you want the end result pretty bad. 

What is it that you really want?  I'm not talking about a number on the scale ... I'm talking about what you REALLY want.  What does that number on the scale represent?  What will it mean to you?  Often times, you have to remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing.  Having discipline and going against human nature are not easy, and having a weak notion of the reason you're putting yourself through all this isn't enough.  You need to make it REAL.  So real that you get excited when you think about it.  So real that you WANT to get out of bed early. 

Don't ever get out of bed just to work out ... get out of bed because it's the next logical step to achieve your dream!  What's stronger, your dream or another workout?  It takes energy to exercise ... it takes energy to pass up the sweets ... it takes energy to practice self discipline.  Where's that energy going to come from? 

The answer is your dream.  Re-connect with that.  Re-connect with the reason you invested all that money ... all that energy ... all that time away from home ... to do what you're doing.  That had to be a pretty big reason, right?  It's still there, but sometimes we lose our connection with it.  Recharge it!

I hope some of you can get some benefit from this,