Way to go Nicole!

Check this out ...  I got a call from Nicole (a former camper) who tells me she is down to 203 lbs. 

That may or may not be impressive unless you hear that she started out at 266!  She's down a whopping 63 lbs since September!  And that's not even the most impressive part.  She works 13-hour shifts as a nurse, she has two kids, and her marriage is in the process of literally falling apart. 

Now, I'm not trying to make light of any of these circumstances, and we certainly wish her the best during this difficult time, but these are all circumstances that people cite as reasons they can't lose weight.  Where most people might give up, Nicole is kicking butts and taking names despite all of these circumstances.

There has been a lot of research about the 80-20 rule (80% of the spoils go to the top 20%).  The rule seems to hold true each and every time.  Are YOU in the top 20%?  Will you get your results?  What are you doing to make that happen?  Or are you in the 80%?  Are you "normal?"  Will you just quietly wish for results?

My advice is to be like Nicole. Get intense and get what you deserve!

Good job Nicole,  We're proud of you!  4 more pounds until you can say goodbye to the 200's!

Do you have a success story you'd like to share with us?  Drop us a line below, and maybe we'll highlight your story next!