It's getting to the end of January.  Statistically, most New Year Resolutions are all-but-forgotten by Valentine's Day.  This means that, for some of my readers, the path has become hazy and thoughts like "why bother" are beginning to manifest.  Now's the time to push through and become even more diligent.  Whatever progress you've made is too important (and you've worked too hard) to turn back now.  I have three items that I'm posting for you to help you through the rough patches.  I'm posting this one today, a second one tomorrow and a third one on Friday.

For today's post, I've received permission to share an email that was sent to me yesterday.  She seemed a little down on herself for falling off track (although she does have some success to report as well as a commitment to get back on track), so I responded.

Here's the exchange:

Hello Doug,

I have been doing mediocre.  Fallen off the wagon somewhat in regards to my exercising but still doing pretty good with my eating.  I have lost 11 lbs total.  Jumping back on the band wagon.


My Response:

Hey Judy,

Thanks for checking in.  Never forget that your level of success is not a stagnant thing.  It varies based on many, many factors.  For example, I could have a great week ... eating, let's say, 90% clean ... getting in ALL of my workouts (and crushing them all) ... have a great week on the scale and with the measuring tape.  By pretty much any standards, this is a great week.  Although, all I have to do is catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror at the wrong angle, and suddenly I feel like a big, fat failure (This has actually happened to me)!  I might start wondering, "What's the use?"  This could easily put me into a tailspin and throw me off track.  This is just an example, of course, and there are many other ways this phenomenon could rear its ugly head.  Here's the thing though, while this has happened to me, I've also experienced the inverse, where a bad performance week has been completely turned around by a good scale reading, for example.

The honest-to-goodness truth is that reality, for lack of a better term, is baloney!  Perception can change in an instant, bringing with it the associated feelings.  All you need is one "event" to change it either way.  Just because this "event" usually happens by accident doesn't mean it has to.  All you need to do is take control.  Figure out something that you can take control of ... and control it.  You don't have to be perfect .  Just be better.  Then, find something else you can take control of.  Then something else.  The snowball will continue to grow in size and momentum until it cannot be stopped.  That's how you take control!