A while back, I wrote a blog post called "The I Want to Quit Zone"

Somebody asked me recently how I came up with the term for the "I Want to Quit Zone." I thought I'd share the story here on the blog.

Some years back, I witnessed a woman on a stair climber. I was cleaning (scratch that) detailing the machines next to her.  It was winter and there was lots of crud from snow and salt that came in on everybody's shoes.  The machines hadn't been cleaned in some time, so I was cleaning vigorously in her immediate vicinity for the entire duration of her workout. 

After being near her for 7 or 8 minutes, she let out a moan.  Prudence getting the better of me, I asked if she was okay.  She pulled on ear bud out and said, "I'm fine, I just want to quit."  After that, almost mocking me, she would periodically scream out, "I really want to quiiiit."  To which I would respond, "Keep goiiiiing!"

At the end of her workout I coined my now infamous phrase by saying, "Congratulations for hanging out so long in the 'I Want to Quit Zone!'"

We created the "Zoner's Club" for the handful of people who dared to hang out in the Zone with us!

How about you? Are you in the "Zoner's Club" Admission is a single hard workout where you say or think at least 2 or 3 times, "I want to quit!"