“The failure is not in the fall.  The failure is in allowing our fall to keep us down and control our lives.  I’m never down.  I’m either up or getting up.” -  John Maxwell

Living a life of victory and health is not one free of obstacles. 

Poor choices are made and mistakes are often repeated.  It’s a daily decision and each day is a new opportunity to change your circumstances.  If you have failed on your diet, fallen short on your workouts or simply got yourself in a bad pattern, start getting up.  Change your situation today.  The failure is not in the fall.  Remember the mistake and learn what you can to keep from repeating it but start moving forward and declare your victory.

So many people that feel their mistakes or pattern of mistakes with eating, drinking and inactivity cannot be broken.  They have allowed defeat and the pattern of mistakes to be their only way of thinking.  They are surrounded by their mistakes focusing only on the fall.  No matter how much you have deviated from your plan you can always get back up and get back on it again.  You can always focus forward instead of looking behind.  Take down the rear view mirror on life.  Quit living in reverse repeating the past mistakes.  Move forward and chase down a new victory.

We learn from our mistakes.

It probably can be said further that a person cannot learn without making mistakes.  Perhaps we would learn from our mistakes if we were not so busy denying that we make them. 

“Fear of making mistakes has kept people from rising to the top.”  John Maxwell.

I can't tell you how many people over the years have said “Every time I try an exercise program I fail.  Every time I try a diet I fail.”

Don't try it.  Do it.  Live a healthy life. 

A healthy life includes clean eating daily every day.  Good clean whole food choices.  Clean thinking means clear your head of the past failures and don't be afraid of making mistakes.   Most definitely don't continue to remind yourself of those past mistakes.  Continue to speak words of faith and victory into your life.  Clean living means making exercise a priority daily.  Would you prefer to take medication daily for the rest of your life or would you prefer to spend 30 minutes of your day on a treadmill?  No one wants to feel tired and sick.  Just do the work.  If you can make time for TV, you can make time for the treadmill or a walk or a bike ride.  Stop the cycle of avoiding it and schedule it in your day as a mandatory appointment that cannot be missed!    

Don't give up on your health.  Your only failure will be not getting back up. 

The failure is not in the fall.  You can do this.  Change your life today.  Clean eating, clean thinking and clean living.