Have you ever gone to a scary movie?  Or perhaps been on a roller coaster?  Ever gone bungee jumping or sky diving?

What in our right minds could make us do such things?

We know, when we watch a scary movie, that the the monster is inevitably jump out and scare the living daylights out of me.  We know that as the roller coaster cranks us up that first big hill, slow click after slow click, it's coming back down -- sans the slow clicks!  We know our stomachs will get tied up in knots.  To quote Susan Jeffers, we "feel the fear and do it anyway."

But WHY, dear readers, do we do this to ourselves? 

Wait, did you just say that it's "fun?"  How on Earth could being super scared be "fun?"  One theory could be that we know it's a controlled situation.  We know the monster won't come off the screen.  We know (at least we really trust) that the roller coaster won't jump the track.  This is a way of dealing with our fears on our own terms.  We actually paid money because we wanted to feel these feelings, so it's deemed okay in our minds.

Why can't we apply this philosophy to our fitness goals? Heck, why can't we apply this philosophy to ANY goal? 

Sometimes we might be a little fearful about lifting a heavier weight than we are used to.  Maybe we hate "leg day" because we know it's hard.  Then (one of my favorite soap boxes to preach from) the sinister return from falling off the wagon, where we know the first few days aren't going to be fun.  Going out on a bit of a limb, it could also be dreading someone's reaction to your new lifestyle, whether it's the incidence of the dubious eye roll or the appearance of the infamous line, "What do you mean you're going to the gym now?"  It isn't fun, but it's something we have to face.

Next time you find yourself a bit apprehensive, try turning the tables.  Make these things happen on your terms. 

Recall the Chuck Norris joke:

Chuck Norris isn't afraid of the dark...
The dark is afraid of Chuck Norris!

Applied to you:

These circumstances aren't happening to you...
You're happening to these circumstances!

Make a promise to yourself to start seeking out the things that you dread.


Two reasons:

  1. Because you're going to make them happen on your terms.
  2. Because these are the very things that have been holding you back and by eliminating the obstacles, your journey becomes much easier!

Eliminate all of your excuses ... eliminate all of your fears ... eliminate all of your limiting beliefs. 

When the dust settles, nothing will stand between you and your goal ...