There's so much talk today about getting fit quickly, with minimal effort and an emphasis on aesthetic beauty over health. 

Marketing messages abound with promises of thin thighs in 30 days ... washboard abs without crunches ... take this pill and don't change a thing about your lifestyle.  Marketers, who have done fantastic job of creating a problem that doesn't exist, have gone so far as to create messages like, "torturous exercise," "countless hours in the gym," "depriving yourself of your favorite foods."  I could go on, but I think you catch my drift.

The majority of marketing messages, as they relate to fitness and weight loss can be summed up in two sentences:

  1. Hard work sucks!
  2. Waiting sucks!

Once we, the general public - who by the way never stopped to even question these messages - bought into these two ideas, we were suddenly painted into a corner.  "I can't get fit because I can't trust the products on TV, but the conventional route is too long and hard!"  This leaves us with a problem that essentially can't be solved.

Let's put these suppositions on trial, here.


We have to put quick and easy out of our minds.  I know on some level everybody understands that quick and easy aren't the real answer, but with so many repetitions of the promises of the two it's hard to let go of them.

It wasn't all that long ago that hard work and patience were valued character traits, but in our ADD, MTV, million-bits-of-information society, those qualities have been lost in the shuffle.

Every time you hear these messages from now on, silently chuckle to yourself and say, "Yeah ... right!"  The sooner you can get the wrong answer out of your head, the sooner you can get the right answer in there!

I've read the tortoise and the hare many, many times (it used to be one of my daughter's favorite books).  Every time I read it, the tortoise wins.