1. I will strive to follow the motto “If it doesn’t fly, swim or walk or it isn’t green, don’t eat it!” You will find that it is actually easier to learn basic nutrition principles than to follow a rigid diet plan. Soon these ideas will be incorporated into your daily routine and you won’t consciously think about them anymore.
  2. I will meet my protein goal, five times a day. This is of course a general recommendation that depends upon many factors such as lean bodyweight, but the idea is that you want is to try to have some protein in every meal. However, be certain to vary the protein sources so that food allergies don’t result. Organic meats, particularly wild ones such as elk and Wapiti, fish (except tuna) are among the best sources of protein.
  3. I will consume only 50 grams of fibrous carbs a day. You will need fibrous carbs such as cauliflower, broccoli and spinach, as this fiber balances a high-protein nutrition program.
  4. I will always drink a post-workout shake that fits my body compostion. This drink will do wonders for post-workout recovery – try it once and you’ll be a believer.
  5. I will plan a cheat meal every 5 days. Being too strict with your nutrition program increases your risk of failure. However, planning your cheat meals ensures that you don’t go overboard and inhale a gallon of Chunky Monkey ice cream.
  6. I will consume vegetables as often as possible. It is rare that I meet anyone who consumes enough vegetables, so strive to have at least one at every meal. As an option, you can substitute a glass of Phyto Px, Primal Red or Primal Greens with your meals – but don’t solely rely on these drinks for your vegetables.
  7. I will avoid all trans fats. This is one nutrition concept that the media got right – there are no safe levels of trans fats.
  8. I will avoid all food allergens that I know of. Among the most common allergens are gluten, and dairy products. But this is just common sense – if a specific food makes you ill, then don’t eat it! Better even yet, get your food sensitivities panel done!
  9. I will never use artificial sweeteners. None. Not even a little. This means you need to carefully read all the low-carb labels.