Among the most frustrating of obstacles you'll face when sharing your health and fitness goals with  friends, family, and acquaintances is the fact that everybody wants to give you advice. 

I came across this phenomenon when dealing with a client recently.  The previous week, I had spoken about my philosophies about gradual, incremental adoption of habits versus taking on everything at once.  Incremental change gets you where you're going more slowly, but the habits tend to become much more deeply-rooted.  I also mentioned how excited she was to get started and that we might take advantage of that to try to build some quick momentum.  We agreed on her plan for the week.  I asked her if it felt like a big enough of a chunk, or perhaps too big.  She assured me she was very comfortable with it.

Fast forward a week ... I was checking in with her to see, among other things, if she was still comfortable with the size of the chunk we had agreed upon the previous week.  Tweaking is needed often, especially early on.  She then proceeded to tell me about the things her brother and her father had told her.

"Make sure you're doing enough," was the general sentiment.

There was nothing harsh about the way she told me.  I believe she's too nice to be harsh with me.  There may have been a harsh tone or two coming from her family, although I have no evidence of it.  Even in the absence of sharp tongues, something didn't sit right with me.  I couldn't yet put my finger on it, but the thought stayed with me until I was able to do so.

Initially, I thought it was my pride.  "How dare they question my strategy?"  I tried to tell myself I was just being petty, and I should give the client what she was asking for.

Then it hit me. SHE wasn't asking for it ... THEY were.

She had been perfectly fine with the plan until her family chimed in.  In essence, they were trying to hijack her program.  Trying to insert their opinions.  Don't get me wrong, I believe with all my heart that they had the best of intentions.  I don't believe they're trying to sabotage my client (not even subconsciously).

Here's the problem.  THEY aren't doing the program ... SHE is.  She's the one who has to live with the strictness ... the hard workouts ... the early mornings ...

I've had it happen before, where I'll tell a client to just drop down and pump out 25 pushups, and they'll say, "Yeah, easy for you to say!"  And they're right ... it IS easy for me to say (in fact I say it all the time!).  The thing is, there are times when I'll drop down and do the pushups with them.  I'm willing to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fitness ... AND I kind of know what I'm talking about :)

Have you ever experienced a situation where you announce your goal and suddenly everybody seems to jump in with , "Ya know what you SHOULD do?" 

Next time it happens, just politely smile, thank them for their sage advice, and continue doing your program the way it was laid out because you KNOW it'll work!