Have you ever done a workout where, when you finished, you felt like you gave a less-than-stellar performance? Hey, we've all been there. So, have you wasted an hour? Should you go beat yourself up about it? Should you give up and go eat a cheese cake? No to all three!

Here's my "Dagwood" method of fitness success.

Dagwood was the husband character in the popular Blondie comic strip you might see in the comics section of your local paper. He was known for a few things, but what I remember him for is the sandwiches he used to make. You would see him in the kitchen, late at night, getting ready to sink his teeth into a sandwich that was obviously way to big to fit into his mouth. This characteristic became so well-known, there's actually a chain of sandwich shops sporting his name. So, in honor of Blondie's goofy hubby, I decided to name a fitness strategy after him.

As you might have guessed, this has something to do with a sandwich.

That's because we're going to "sandwich" our bad workouts with good ones. Here are the 6 steps:

  1. Admit you didn't give everything you had in your workout.
  2. Accept it and forgive yourself.
  3. Recall a recent workout where you feel like you absolutely "killed" it.
  4. Recreate the feelings of accomplishment you felt after that workout.
  5. Transfer those feelings into the future, and think about your next workout
  6. Re-commit yourself and get excited about your next trip to the gym.

I hope that helps. This is something I do when I have a bad workout. It may seem kind of corny, but it works for me.

And just remember...

"Your worst workout, on the worst day of your life, is better than the workout you would have had if you had skipped it." -Larry North