Breakfast Habits by Kylie Burnside (bonus recipe)

Breakfast Habits by Kylie Burnside (bonus recipe)

One of the most common themes I find with new clients is breakfast, or, actually a lack of it.

Not eating breakfast is usually one of the first habits I try to break when working with someone. It's kind of funny because despite this being a very common theme in healthy living articles with advice like:


Many people still don't follow that prescribed course of action. But why is that?

Well, here are a few common reasons, among others:

  • Not hungry in the a.m.
  • Too busy in the a.m.
  • Feel nauseous after eating in the a.m.
  • Want to save calories for later in the day.

Well all of these are valid excuses, it's important to know that anyone can build up new habits and start eating breakfast with a little effort and preparation. When I wake up, I practically dance into the kitchen because I'm ready to EAT! However, I do remember that wasn't always the case.

After learning how important it is to fueling your body with a good carb and protein combo in the morning, especially if you're lifting weights, I never looked back. This is also true with my client Kaitlin. I remember during our initial conversations, she was very unsure about her ability to eat breakfast before hitting the gym in the morning. We came up with a plan that allowed her to start small. Here's some feedback from Kaitlin based on the experience:

"I used to drink a green juice or smoothie eery morning and wouldn't eat any solid foods until lunch, so the thought of eating a meal before my 5 a.m. workout was not at all appealing. I started small, only eating a banana, then added in some nut butter. Now I have overnight oats with protein powder every morning and I actually love it. Most days it's what gets me out of bed at 4:30 a.m. and I can definitely feel the energy it gives my muscles in the gym!"

So there you have it from someone who has gone through this habit change.

As with any lifestyle ideas or tips you take away from my blog, I hope you always see the theme that anything is possible if you stick with it for a little bit. It will always be uncomfortable at first because it's different and a change from the norm, but it's really amazing how quickly the body adapts to anything you do to it.

Try it out for two weeks and let me know how it goes!

Additionally, here's a little bonus healthy breakfast cooking inspiration that took less than 10 minutes to make this morning.

Spinach Eggs and Sweet Potato Home-Fries!

  1. Spray skillet/pan
  2. Add leftover sweet potato chips or fries from your meal prep for the week (sample recipe here)
  3. Add spinach - I add A LOT (about three full handfuls) - The spinach will shrink down a lot as it heats up
  4. Add cilantro, dash of garlic and pepper
  5. In glass, whisk 3 egg whites and 1 full egg (you can do just egg whites if you'd like, but adding one egg mixed with whites helps with fat and cholesterol but still offers a satisfying taste)
  6. Pour egg mixture over cooked down spinach
  7. Scramble or flip after one side cooks (your preference)
  8. Plate up & add toppings of choice. I suggest a couple ounces of healthy fats like cubed avocado or you could add some homemade salsa. Many people like to add ketchup to eggs and home fries (at least we did growing up), but it's important to note that ketchup is all sugar so it's not the healthiest option out there. Making salsa instead still gives a similar taste from the tomatoes but is better for you (and also more satisfying)!

About the Author

Based in San Diego, California, Kylie Marie Burnside is a fitness blogger and podcaster, NASM certified personal trainer, NPC bikini competitor and TEAM EDGE athlete dedicated to inspiring others to lead a life of health and happiness!

In 2013, Kylie Marie Burnside discovered her true passion in life: FITNESS! Instead of letting her twenties pass her by, she made some big changes to her lifestyle. Making a transition to clean eating and strength training over cardio only workouts changed her life and she's committed to helping others do the same.


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