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Takin' Care of Business

For years, I've been telling you that all you have to do is make your health a priority, and this would magically give you enough time to work out... Sorry. What I should have said, is you have to eat the frog.

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The Truth About Skechers Fitness Shoes!

After telling clients the truth about Skechers Tone-Up shoes for years, finally someone is paying attention...

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How to Attain Buns of Steel

Don't expect to change whats down below until you address the imbalances up top...

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The Top Success Tool You're Not Using...

When you hear the words Fitness Tool, what do you picture? I really hope it's not...

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What Fitness Apps Does Doug Use?

With the continual spike in technology (and no real end in sight), there's a lot of debate about the use of technology in different sectors and whether said technology helps, hinders, or just distracts...

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Two Frogs

You may think you've heard this story... Butter you sure?

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