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The Secret To Looking Younger Is Living Younger

We live in a world full of instant fixes. Usually these fixes come in bottles, foods, lotions, etc. But one fix doesn't come in a bottle - and it solves SO much more than you would think.

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Fitting Into The Digital Revolution

There are fitness wrist bands, plugin heart rate sensors, smart-scales that transmit your weight and other data to your cell phone and more - but are they worth it?

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Weight Loss Is Not For Tortoises

Can those crash diets be just as good? Conventional wisdom says that losing weight slowly over time is more likely to result in a healthier long term outcome - but a new Australian study is bucking that concept for lack of evidence.

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Beating Weight Loss And Fitness Plateaus

Did you ever look at yourself in the mirror, after a hardcore gym session, and wonder when your progress is going to show in your reflection?

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Physical Activity And Exercise: The Wonder Drug

Let's talk about the difference between physical activity and exercise - a common confusion for most people. Years ago, physicians would rarely recommend exercise for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients because they thought they were too unstable to handle the intensity of exercise. However, in the last couple years, physical activity and exercise has been shown to help renal patients rather than hurt them.

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Resistance versus Cardio

Beginning a training program can be a huge investment of time and effort - so what type of exercise should you choose to maximize your benefits and make sure you get the results you're working hard for?

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