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Best Friends Forever: Sugary Drinks and Type 2 Diabetes

If you're still clinging to soda pop despite all odds, new research has just given you one more reason to can it once and for all. That's because striking new data has linked sugary drinks and artificially sweetened drinks directly with increased cases of Type 2 Diabetes.

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Why Most Diets Don't Work [Infographic]

Weight loss through diet alone and then gaining it back can have some devastating health consequences. Here's how to do it right.

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Everything you need to know about Aspartame

Pepsi-Cola recently made headlines by stating that it plans to drop aspartame from its' products. But is there any truth to all the hype about the dangers of aspartame?

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Women: Stop Wasting 50% of Your Efforts at the Gym

A lot of women are throwing away 50% of the benefits of their workouts - and never even realize it. For all of the sweat, panting and muscle cramps, over half of the gains to be had simply disappear, unattained...

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The Top 12 Best Ways to Prevent Alzheimers Disease

Think diseases like Parkinsons, Alzheimers, dementia and others that afflict the elderly are inevitable? Think again - these simple lifestyle changes can cut your risks by up to 75%!

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Fact or Fiction: Does Eating Low Fat Foods Make You Lose Weight

We've all seen Low-Fat foods for sale in the store, and just assumed that they are better for losing weight than the regular stuff. If you want to lose fat in your body, you need to stop eating so much fat - right?

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