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Your Body and You: Staying Fit Past 50

You can't change growing older - but you can manage the aging process. With the right adjustments to your daily lifestyle, you can take the bite out of turning 50. Or 60. Or even 70 and 80...

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Staying Active Saves Lives

Would you exercise more for $1,500? One health insurance company hopes so - and you need to take note of their motivations.

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The Mistakes, Myths and Lies of Weight Loss

Some of them are blatant, intentional deceptions, while others may appear to be harmless and even seem like common sense. Either way, falling for these myths can hurt your progress and make losing weight a lot harder than it needs to be.

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How sleep affects your weight, your health and your life

Sleep deprivation isn't just a convenient excuse when you get a case of the yawns. It's a genuine health condition that affects your body and your mind in significant ways. So before you set an extra alarm on your phone and stay up that extra hour playing video games or out with friends, take a minute and read on.

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The Balance: Pollution vs. Exercise

Your intake of pollutants from the air increases dramatically during exercise because you breathe faster and deeper. Learm more about whether outdoor exercise could actually harm your health.

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Surviving the Holidays

For many of us, the holiday season signals the beginning of a month-long event where the diet goes out the window and the calories don't count. Unfortunately, they do count - the average American will gain 5-9 pounds by New Years...

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