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The failure is not in the fall

If you have failed on your diet, fallen short on your workouts or simply got yourself in a bad pattern, start getting up and changing your situation...

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Fitness: Back to the Future

I chose this title to illustrate the paradox that achieving health, fitness, and wellness has become. The irony is that your future in fitness lies in a seemingly ancient concept: patience.

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Seared Summer Salmon!

Start with a 4oz piece of salmon. Season with salt and pepper and blackening seasoning. Allow fish to come up to...

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Mind Your Own Fitness

Among the most frustrating of obstacles you'll face when sharing your health and fitness goals with friends, family, and acquaintances is the fact that everybody wants to give you advice.

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Slow Down!

I've read the tortoise and the hare many, many times... So far, the tortoise wins every time.

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What's YOUR motivation?

The following is modified from a response I recently emailed a former camper who was finding the journey particularly challenging. I've redacted the...

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