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Cream Cheese Filled Chicken

This is easily the most popular recipe we've EVER posted.

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America’s Growing Waistline

Crash dieting causes even more harm than carrying those extra pounds. The best solution in the long-run is changing the way we live.

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Pokemon Go - The Fitness Phenomenon

It's gained a lot of publicity - and even sparked a population-level activity spike... But will catching tiny monsters help our health in the long run?

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2016 - What will you make of it?

That 15lbs you put on over the holidays might not worry you now - but if you don't deal with it you'll simply add more next fall, and so on. There's never been a better time to change the tide and get proactive about your health!

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Big Surprise: Americans Don't Eat Their Vegetables

It may come as no surprise that Americans today are eating more calories and less nutrients than ever. Of course, that decline in nutrition is only an assumption - or it was until now...

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This Vacation Could Save Your Life

When someone says Vacation, what do you think of? The more obvious answers might include tropical beaches, luxury cruises and living large - but what about increasing your life expectancy?

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