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Up the Down Escalator: 5 Steps to Simplifying Your Weight Loss

As I endured step after grueling step, I started thinking about how the machine is actually kind of a metaphor for the way most people (maybe even you) try to lose weight...

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Honest To Goodness Fitness Results

If you've ever experienced a failed attempt at weight loss you know the frustration that comes with it. And you're in good company.

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What are the chances they will make it?

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Tabata Complex

It's quick, it's intense, it burns a lot of calories, and it will kick your fat-burning hormones into high gear...

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Hybrid Muscle

Muscle fibers are muscle cells, known as fibers because of their long, string-like appearance. There are three basic types. Some scientists claim more, but for our discussion, three will suffice...

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The Best and Worst BBQ Foods

Your Independence Day festivities may not rival a professional competitive eater, but these days you could easily consume a full day's worth of calories in one sitting...

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