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Sugar Addiction: Where Does The Willpower Go?

The moment you bite into something tasty, your brain wants... no, demands more of it. Instantly self-control goes completely out the window. And every bite is followed by the desire for more. Learn more about sugar addiction and food addiction - the eating disorders nobody thinks about...

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5 Tips for adults over 50 that will make you feel younger!

You don't need diet pills, anti-wrinkle creams, or expensive trendy foods to feel younger and more vibrant - here are 5 easy ways you can regain your youth right now...

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Resistance / Strength Training for Weight Loss

Resistance training isn't just for body builders. Strength training is a powerful and proven tool for weight loss - but many people don't realize it. 

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27 Weight Loss Motivation Tips: The Definitive Guide to Staying on Track in 2019

Weight loss is as much about mindset as technique. Here you'll find the top expert recommended tips for how to motivate weight loss, and quotes to back them up from some of the best weight loss and fitness professionals out there online today.

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Exercise for Seniors: Facts, Benefits and Safety

Seniors frequently question whether starting an exercise program will be safe. Can seniors truly benefit from a fitness routine? How old is too old? In truth, some of these are valid questions - but others should be very quickly dispelled.

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GW1516, GW501516 and Compound 14: The Skinny on Exercise Pills

Despite being classified as unfit for human consumption, exercise pills are being solid at an increasingly alarming rate...

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