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Weight Crafters weight loss retreat and fitness camp for adults and seniors

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Why Are More Philadelphians Choosing Weight Crafters?

a fitness camp client stretching on the beach

Losing weight is straight-forward - burn more calories than you eat. Simple. Any fitness or weight loss trainer can tell you that. But if you've ever tried it, you know that the reality of losing weight and getting in shape and keeping those results is much more than a simple math equation!

Sure, you could try the latest fad diet - and you might even lose a few pounds - but it'll never last until you start building new habits and approach fitness as a complete lifestyle change.

At Weight Crafters in warm, sunny Madeira Beach, Florida, we specialize in helping adults from 18 to 82 conquer health and fitness issues permanently.

It starts with our personalized approach. we maintain a small-group setting, with classes of no more than 8 at a time. This way, we can provide you the best possible experience with all of the one-on-one attention you need.

a fitness camp client stretching on the beach

Everything they told me was everything that happened. Fair price. Excellent program. Small operation. Honest people. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, and accomplished my goals. Thank you Weight Crafters!

~Sandra B. / Baltimore, MD / Read More Success Stories

a senior weight loss camp client doing strength workouts at weight crafters

Vegan? Nut allergies? Can't stand cilantro? No problem! In addition to our personalized exercise and workout process, we provide healthy, delicious food prepared specifically for you, specific to your goals and dietary needs.

You'll also have deep tissue massage, water aerobics, fun activities on the beach, and your own private accommodations with beautiful views from the balconies and everything you need to rest, recover and recharge.

It's no wonder more people from Philadelphia are choosing Weight Crafters than ever before!

Ready to make your own lifestyle change? Contact us to schedule your trip from Philadelphia to Madeira Beach today!

Get started today!
Get started today!

Weight loss camp

A fat camp, weight loss camp, or fat farm is a type of residential program where people who are overweight or obese go to lose weight through exercise and lifestyle changes.

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