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Why Choose Weight Crafters?

Our newly remodeled fitness center at Weight Crafters
Sam gets her paddle on in a kayak on the intercoastal waters at Weight Crafters


If you've struggled with weight loss for some time, the concept of attending an adult weight loss camp probably isn't new.

It's likely you've read many weight loss success stories. You might even have a friend or family member who has attended a residential weight loss program in the past. There's no question that it works.

Choosing the right fitness retreat however, is absolutely crucial.

The location, curriculum and people you select are going to take a direct and active role in the kind of life you live going forward. It's an investment into your future, and it's not a choice to be taken lightly.

A beach fitness session with one of our experienced weight loss camp trainers in Madeira Beach.
Kayaks waiting to head out for a morning activity at Weight Crafters.

Why Attend Weight Loss Camp?^ Return to Top

Making Your Health a Priority

When you're focused on other aspects of your daily life, it can be challenging to take a health and lifestyle change seriously.

At Weight Crafters, everything else goes on the back burner. You're here to get fit. It's your full time job. And you'll be amazed how far you can go when you give your health the priority it deserves!

At Weight Crafters we take changing lives seriously

By limiting our classes to no more than 7-10 at a time, we make sure to give every client the one-on-one personal attention and service they deserve. When you arrive, you're not just another name on a board. You're our guest and a part of our family.

Our prices are all inclusive, up front. No catches. No addons. And our programs are all inclusive as well, ensuring not only your physical training, but also considering your mental and emotional well-being.

Staying on track after camp

The journey to better health isn't a sprint to a destination - it's a lifestyle shift. At Weight Crafters, building healthy habits and showing you how to treat your body right is only the first step.

We help you learn how to integrate these concepts after you return home, and we're always here to help when you need advice, support or guidance on the path forward after camp.

A senior gentleman wraps up a fun afternoon workout at Weight Crafters.
Weight loss camp clients doing low impact water exercises at Weight Crafters.

The Roles of Age and Gender^ Return to Top

Powerful Weight Loss for Men and Women of All Ages

It's no secret that fat camps and fat farms for kids are a big industry - but it's not just youth who need the advantages of spending dedicated time focused on their health.

People of all ages struggle with obesity, diabetes and other health problems. In fact, obesity is one of the top contributing factors towards death for adults today.

As such, Weight Crafters focuses entirely on the adult demographic - with our clients most commonly between 21 and 65.

Results To Expect

The kind of results you can expect from your time at Weight Crafters depend on many factors.

These factors include the length of your stay, existing medical conditions, etc.

Age and gender however, make perhaps the biggest difference.

Whether you're worried that an aggressive workout routine will make you look burly, or concerned about avoiding age-related injuries while you're here - we can put your mind at ease.

NOTE: In order to attend, you must be at least 18 years of age, or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Write us or give us a call today to find out how Weight Crafters can help address your specific needs.

Our wide-open fitness center, ready for a new day of exercise and activity at Weight Crafters.
An overweight client exercises to lose weight at Weight Crafters.

Fitting In at Weight Crafters^ Return to Top

Anxious about attending a residential weight loss program?

No need - you're going to do great here!

At Weight Crafters, we specialize in helping those with serious weight or other health problems.

There's no reason to be anxious - we're here to help you overcome the challenges, and become someone who is used to exercise, eats healthy and has gained more confidence that they are able to take care of their body.

Forget everything you thought you knew about fat camp. All of our clients share similar challenges and goals. When you engage in our adult weight loss program at Weight Crafters, you will find yourself in an environment with very caring people who are 100% committed to your success.

By the time you return home, you will have acheived the goals your body, mind and spirit need to acheive, as long as you stay focused on the goal!

A happy client shares her beautifully delicious lunchtime salad.
An example of the amazing food we provide daily for our weight loss camp clients.

Food Allergies & Special Needs^ Return to Top

Think a live-in weight loss program has to mean being hungry and eating terrible food? We don't!

We deliver deliciously prepared meals, as well as protein shakes (for clients who need them) and snacks. We try to change things up with new recipes and dishes on a regular basis.

Your meals are prepared with only the best ingredients that will accommodate your fitness, wellness and weight loss goals.

Special Dietary Needs?

We have clients that suffer from special dietary needs, food allergies, type 2 diabetes and many other factors. Before you attend, there will be a full health questionnaire evaluation that is done and any potential conflicts with nutrition will be discussed and planned for.

There's nothing to worry about - we've got you covered.

Our expert massage therapist helping a grateful weight loss camp client loosen up.
With a vast array of activities, Weight Crafters is fully prepared to help you get in shape regardless of your limitations.

Pre-Existing Injuries & Conditions^ Return to Top

Let us know what the issue is and what your limitations are.

Weight Crafters is not a mental health, medical or rehabilitation center suited for handling significant medical or psychological needs.

However we have all the experience and know-how to help many clients regain lost mobility, recover after injuries or minor surgery, and overcome emotional challenges that have prevented them from attaining success in the past.

We are dedicated to helping you regain your health. We specialize in taking your broken body and helping you to mend it. As long as your injury or problem is not very recent, or unhealed and incapacitating, we can often provide custom training that will actually accelerate the healing process.

In our unique residential fitness retreat, we tailor fit our technique to every participant - and we will modify any exercises necessary to keep you progressing safely!

A larger group of weight loss campers stretch on the beautiful Gulf Coast beach.
At Weight Crafters, we know how to keep your body in a state of regeneration and renewal.

Avoiding Fitness Plateaus^ Return to Top

Plateaus happen because your body is amazing.

Your body is naturally designed to build immunity to the stresses of exercise. It will adapt to repetitive training, causing your progress gaining muscle or losing weight to slow, and eventually stop. This is your fitness plateau.

Ever put a potted plant next to a window? In a few days the plant will be bent completely towards the light. To keep your plant natural looking, you have to turn it around every few days.

The same logic applies to your fitness routine - sticking to a single exercise regemin allows your body to adapt and counter your efforts. To prevent this, the key is adding endless variety.

At Weight Crafters we employ the True Fire Fitness System.

True Fire is a carefully crafted process specifically designed for the residential weight loss model. It prevents your body from adapting, while simultaneously providing full body exercise. The result is explosive weight loss, substantial strength increase, better stamina and more.

One of our weight loss trainers drinking a bottle of water during a beach walk at Weight Crafters.
Our talented chef organizes the daily snacks for our happy weight loss camp group.

Maintaining Results At Home^ Return to Top

Losing weight is hard work, which requires a solid game plan, committment, discipline and sweat.

While attending Weight Crafters, your meals, schedule, workouts and entire daily routine are specifically engineered to help you lose weight, get in shape and achieve your overall wellness goals.

Once you return home however, the challenges can become a bit more complicated.

You can find yourself slipping into old habits that you worked so hard to overcome and you will need continued support.

We provide the follow-up support you need.

We help you avoid these pitfalls by helping you "lock in" new, healthy habits. We teach you how to approach food, exercise, and life in a way that will serve you well after it's all over with. And we send you home with your body tuned to WANT healthy foods, to wake up at a proper time and to CRAVE exercise. Further still, all of our clients have unlimited access to call in and get help after they return home. 

What to bring: Sunblock
What to bring: Sunglasses
What to bring: Sandals
What to bring: A Hat
What to bring: Polar monitor
What to bring: sporty shoes
What to bring: a knapsack
What to bring: Your prescription medications
What to bring: Comfortable fitness clothing

What To Bring^ Return to Top

Ready to get started? Here are some suggested items to pack for your fun-filled stay at Weight Crafters:

  • Waterproof Sun block
  • Sport type sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Comfortable workout clothes including:
    • Capri-length or long pants
    • Shorts
    • Loose t-shirts
    • Moisture-wicking fabrics
    • Long sleeve shirts for sun protection if desired
    • Swimsuits appropriate for tanning/leisure
    • Swimming goggles
  • Flip-flops or sport sandals
  • Variety of running/tennis/cross-training shoes
  • Variety of socks for working out
  • Some casual clothes for time off
  • Personal toiletries
  • All meds or supplements you are currently on
  • Any written prescriptions/refills you may need during your stay
  • H7, H9 or H10 Polar Heart Rate Strap with Blue Tooth for PHONE is Required. Watches will not be accepted. You can find the H7, H9 or H10 Polar Heart Rate Straps on Amazon at prices ranging from $80-$100.
  • A Winning, Can-do attitude
  • Your Sense of Humor & Determination - It's gonna be painfully fun!
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