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The 10 Minute Drill

The 10 minute drill is an intense workout that will keep you working for an entire 10 minutes, as opposed to all the resting done in a typical workout...

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10 Things People Say that Keep Them Fat

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that most seekers of weight loss and fitness who fail to get a result do so because they sabotage themselves.

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The Levels Workout

It starts out relatively easy, but gets harder with each level... Hence the name Levels!

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Your Metabolic Investment Portfolio

Let's momentarily leave the world of weight loss, a subject where I am considered by many to be an expert... Instead, let's discuss a subject that I'm nowhere near qualified to talk about - Money!

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Tabata Complex

It's quick, it's intense, it burns a lot of calories, and it will kick your fat-burning hormones into high gear...

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Hybrid Muscle

Muscle fibers are muscle cells, known as fibers because of their long, string-like appearance. There are three basic types. Some scientists claim more, but for our discussion, three will suffice...

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