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10 Ways To Keep Your Workout Fresh

There is almost nothing more detrimental to program adherence than a stale workout. The more things we incorporate into our fitness routine, the more comprehensively fit we become.

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Up the Down Escalator: 5 Steps to Simplifying Your Weight Loss

As I endured step after grueling step, I started thinking about how the machine is actually kind of a metaphor for the way most people (maybe even you) try to lose weight...

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What Excuses?

I'm not trying to make light of difficult circumstances - but here is some proof that circumstances aren't always what breaks you...

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Physics or Motivation... You Decide!

You absolutely cannot have forward movement without inertia - it simply doesn't happen...

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Strategic Fitness: How to Avoid the Frankenprogram Syndrome

This vicious monster has been on a killing spree for decades, leaving dead hopes and mutilated dreams in his wake. The really scary part is that he has been spotted in gyms in your area!

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You Know What They Say...

You've worked up the motivation to go to the gym. You've packed your gym bag, your water bottle, your workout towel, your headband. You've shown spartan self-discipline at the kitchen table. You're ready to walk out the door and show this workout who's boss, when it happens...

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