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Holiday Survival Guide 2.0

If you're struggling with your weight, the holidays can seem like all-out war! And they don't even follow the Geneva Convention...

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20 Habits that are keeping you FAT

Eating fat won't make you fat, any more than eating money will make you rich. Calories make you fat - but that's just one point on our list. Read on for more habits to ditch in your quest for better health...

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One of my favorite quotes...

no matter what happens to us, we have the power to choose our response. Pavlov proved with the aid of his pooches that responses can be conditioned. Ring the bell, give the dog food, and the dog...

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Fear and Desire

It has been suggested that pain and pleasure are the two main motivators in life -- that whatever we do, it is a function of obtaining pleasure or avoiding, reducing, or eliminating pain...

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Plan B

If there's one thing I've learned in life it's that you NEED a back up plan. We can try to "will away" the bad stuff, but do you honestly believe that nothing bad will ever happen in your life?

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Strategic Approach to Fitness

This article will kind of go against the grain as I discuss with you the "not-so-successful" stories...

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