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The Top Success Tool You're Not Using...

When you hear the words Fitness Tool, what do you picture? I really hope it's not...

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Mind Your Own Fitness

Among the most frustrating of obstacles you'll face when sharing your health and fitness goals with friends, family, and acquaintances is the fact that everybody wants to give you advice.

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Slow Down!

I've read the tortoise and the hare many, many times... So far, the tortoise wins every time.

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What's YOUR motivation?

The following is modified from a response I recently emailed a former camper who was finding the journey particularly challenging. I've redacted the...

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Why Maintenance is a Formula for Failure

Straight lines don't exist. They are, in fact, theoretical...

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What Fitness Apps Does Doug Use?

With the continual spike in technology (and no real end in sight), there's a lot of debate about the use of technology in different sectors and whether said technology helps, hinders, or just distracts...

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