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Weight Crafters weight loss retreat and fitness camp for adults and seniors

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Why leave Texas to attend Weight Crafters?

It's simple: We offer expert-developed health and wellness programs for adults and seniors with all of the structure, features and support you need - at the best value in America.

Fitness Camp Done Right

Whether you're interested in attending a weight loss retreat in Texas or elsewhere, you should know that Weight Crafters in Madeira Beach is the most effective place to get in shape and to develop a healthier lifestyle.

  • Distraction Free
  • Structure and Accountability
  • Exercise, Training & Meals Provided

Maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your body moving and active is absolutely vital to looking and feeling young and energetic regardless of your age or fitness level.

Weight Crafters weight loss camp for adults and seniors on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast provides powerful fitness and wellness results through our exclusive residential weight management system.

Set to the backdrop of gorgeous white sand beaches, our programs are specifically geared to achieve maximum health benefits affordably and safely.

Shane and Brenda enjoying an afternoon rest at Weight Crafters.
Before and after weight loss camp transformation at Weight Crafters.
Based on our exclusive True Fire Fitness System, our fitness clients at Weight Crafters see amazing results.
This older gentleman exercising at Weight Crafters appreciates our experienced weight loss resort staff.
Seniors enjoying a water aerobics session at Weight Crafters, designed to burn fat without joint pain.

What It's Really Like to Attend Weight Crafters

A Practical, Affordable and Positive Experience

  • All-Inclusive Rates
  • Comfortable Accommodations
  • Deliciously Prepared Meals
  • Expert Guidance
  • Amazing Results

One-on-one training, personalized attention, wholesome meals and a structured, supportive environment will help you change the course of your overall health and wellness.

Take some time to invest in yourself.

Get away from Texas for a while and come enjoy the sunny white-sand beaches at Weight Crafters!

Finding the right residential weight loss program can be difficult.

Many larger resorts flaunt luxury living, impractical gourmet food, lengthy spa treatments, crowded large group fitness routines and premium prices.

On the other hand, some cheaper fat camps stuff several clients at a time into shared accommodations or put them up in nearby hotels, and provide the bare minimum in the way of support or guidance.

Our healthy living model is results-driven and designed to provide comfort, practical fitness, one-on-one attention and balanced, healthy meals you'll truly enjoy.

Our goal at Weight Crafters is to provide a lifestyle you can replicate and maintain long term. And we believe you deserve to reap these benefits without breaking the bank.

No matter what your fitness level - our approach works!

I would recommend this camp for anyone no matter how much weight needed to be lost or how young or old. Very knowledgeable, professional, and caring team.

Samantha W.Lorain, Ohio

“This place, the owner, and trainers truly changed my life.” Holly P. from Michigan

“The difference in the way you are treated is so much better.” Donna H. from New York

“Weight Crafters changed the way I look at fitness” Edirin O. from Pennsylvania

“I lost 45 pounds in 4 weeks!” David D. from Vancouver

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.” Sandra B. from Maryland

“The staff is awesome and supportive and they do a great job helping you accomplish your goals.” Nick C. from Florida

“God bless those people.” Tom & Rhonda M. from North Carolina

“I'm coming back next year with my husband.” Marie N. from Liverpool

“I lost over 100lbs and I have been able to keep the weight off.” John S.

“I liked the small and personalized environment.” Sherri R. from Florida

“The place is awesome.” Greg B.

“Fair price. Excellent program.” Sandra B. from Maryland

“I lost a lot of body fat and inches and my self esteem was restored.” Katie B.

“Beautiful views and just a great staff.” Sheila D. from New York

“I can't thank these people enough!” Jeffrey S.

“The best tasting healthy food I have ever eaten.” Nancy R. from Georgia

“The whole program was top notch excellent.” Gerald K.

“It is the best fitness camp there is!” Mark R. from Alberta

“Dollar for dollar, it was the best program I have been to.” Jay P. from Idaho

“Incredible program and extraordinary staff!” Ann J. from Pennsylvania

“If you need to escape from daily stress and pressures of life, this is the place to go.” Jim D.

Benefits of staying fit and active

Being more active can help you:

  • lower your blood pressure
  • boost your levels of good cholesterol
  • improve blood flow (circulation)
  • keep your weight under control
  • prevent bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis

More about weight loss retreats

A weight loss retreat or weight loss camp is a type of residential program where people who are overweight or dealing with other health issue go to lose weight and improve their health through exercise and lifestyle changes.

More about Texas

Texas is a state in the South Central Region of the United States. It is the second largest U.S. state by both area and population.

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