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"I sincerely hope that what you find will inspire you to reach new levels of fitness, sport performance, and a healthy lifestyle."

About Denise K. Wood

Dr. Denise K. Wood is a sport and fitness training consultant from Knoxville, TN. She is an inspirational motivator with an extensive toolbox of training techniques based in science and delivered to accelerate the learning curve. She has trained a wide range of clients from beginners with special needs to Olympians.

Her mission: Teach sound principles, inspire life-changing actions.

Dr. Wood is a former US National Track and Field champion and world-class competitor, who represented the US on 25 National Teams over 17 years of international competition. She was mentored by elite Olympic lifting by legend Olympic lifter Phil Grippaldi and a former Soviet coach Emile Press.

As a graduate assistant at the University of Tennessee during the peak years of her athletic career, she coached many elite athletes in the field events and strength training under former Head Olympic Coach Terry Crawford. She has held many national positions in Olympic Development and with USA Track and Field.

As a career educator, Dr. Wood has been recognized for her work as an outstanding professor in exercise science and research/statistics. Her experience with clients in physical therapy, allied health fields, corporate fitness, and adult education has further broadened her knowledge of human performance.

Dr. Wood earned her B.A. from Montclair State University in Health and Physical Education with teacher licensure, and both her M.S. and Ed.D. in Exercise Science from The University of Tennessee. Her areas of concentration were Motor Learning, Social and Psychological Aspects of Sport, and Research Design and Statistical Analysis. Dissertation topic: The Effect of Two Free Weight Training Programs on Selected Closed Motor Skills.

Dr. Wood is a professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, and the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education.


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