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Ready to get started towards a fitter, trimmer, healthier you? There's never been a better time, and we're SO much more than just a fat camp! Book your stay with us TODAY!
Come discover the best rated personal trainers and weight loss programs, fitness camp, spa and resort in the United States!
The 'weight' is over - make a new start with CFS Fitness Camp / WeightCrafters today! We're so much more than a Fat Camp for Adults!
Refocus your energy. Renew your strength. Regain your life. 'The only time we have truly failed is when we fail to truly use our time.' Click here to learn more about our weight loss programs and fitness camp.
Discover your true potential at CFS Fitness Camp / WeightCrafters Weight Loss Resort & Fitness Spa! We're so much more than a Fat Camp for Adults!
Refocus your mind. Reshape your body. Revitalize your spirit. 'All change is inevitable. Change for the good is achievable.' Click here to learn more about our fitness camp and weight loss programs.
There's never been a better time to change your life - Welcome to CFS Fitness Camps / WeightCrafters Live In Weight Loss Retreat. We're so much more than a Fat Camp!



You will be challenged. You journey will not be easy. You will overcome. 'Obstacles are only opportunities to prove that we can find the solution.' Click here to learn more about our fitness camps and weight loss programs.
Take control and lose those stubborn pounds for good! We're so much more than a Fat Camp; Come spend a week with us - CFS Fitness Camps / WeightCrafters Weight Loss Resort & Fitness Vacation Retreat
Invest in your health. Invest in your future. Invest in yourself.
Renew your health and your self esteem at CFS Fitness Camp / WeightCrafters Fitness Resort and Weight Loss Spa! We're so much more than a Fat Camp!
Belly fat got you down? Come to CFS Fitness Camp / WeightCrafters Fat Camp for Adults - we'll help you take control once and for all!
If you are looking for core fitness camp, fitness vacations, weightloss camps, fat camps for adults or fat farm weight loss programs - there is no better choice than the weight loss facilities for adults and fitness programs at CFS Camp - The Complete Fitness Solution!

Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness Camp
100% designed to put you where you desire to be.

Whether your desire is to have a fun filled, all inclusive fitness vacation with lots of physical fitness and stress relief - or you're more serious about the matter of struggling with weight and other health issues - Weight Crafters / CFS is the Complete Fitness Solution you are looking for.

Learn More about Weight Loss Camp at Weight Crafters

Weight Loss Camp for Adults

Do you need to lose 10lbs? 25lbs? 50lbs? How about 100lbs?

With a proven track record in the industry, the top-rated Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness Camp program is the only choice you need to make.


All-Inclusive Live-In Programs

The Weight Crafters / CFS Weight Loss & Residential Fitness Camp program is a carefully authored and time proven complete fitness solution.

We give you the push you need through exercise, balanced meals, life coaching, personal training and a lot of fun!

Why Attend Weight Loss Camp?

The decision to enroll in a "fat camp" or live in weight loss & fitness camp is a game changer. In fact, it is a life changer.

Getting away from your surroundings, triggers and comfort zone often makes all the difference.

At CFS, we're so much more than a fat camp for adults. Find out more about our adult weight loss programs - there's never been a better time to enroll!

Why Choose Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults?

We Are Weight Loss & Fitness Experts

We are experts in Adult Weight Loss and all levels of fitness, providing the most enjoyable, fun filled and adventurous solution in the United States.

With a team including certified personal trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists and life coaches, Weight Crafters is a health and wellness destination for adults that few can match.

No other adult fitness camp or adult weight loss camp provides what we provide at anywhere near our price. If you find them, let us know and we will match them!

We Know What Our Clients Need And Want

Whether you're 18 or 72 - we specifically customize our programs to fit your needs and goals.

Some folks are just looking for a place they can enjoy themselves for a week or two and get some pounds knocked off, eat healthy, get some fun exercise in and get away from the stress. Others are looking for real lifestyle change & need a very intense & professional weight loss & wellness program, along with life coach guidance.

At CFS fitness camp we specialize in knowing our clients needs and having the Complete Fitness Solution to meet those needs.

Our Pricing Is Truly All-Inclusive

You already have enough on your mind, staying focused on losing weight and improving your health.

At Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults, our pricing is simple.

Your up-front price is the final price.

No hidden fees. No à la carte extras for things that should be standard. Just full-featured and powerful weight loss programs with no catches and no worries.

When we say "All-Inclusive", we mean it!

What It's Like

We Keep Things Fun

Having fun at fitness camp / vacation isn't just for the young.

Working out alone has its' own rewards - but when you incorporate fun activities like basketball, ocean kayaking, cardio tennis, kick boxing and more, you'll find yourself waking up excited in the morning to see what the new day will bring.

Consider it our way of "getting you hooked" on staying in shape.

Friendly, Comfortable & Supportive

At Weight Crafters / CFS helping people is what we do and you will never doubt whether or not our friendly, professional staff are on your side.

When you're not working out, our enjoyable private accommodations provide a "home away from home." Weekly massage therapy will relieve stress and help your body heal. And we provide 3 balanced, fully prepared and delicious meals per day - proving that eating healthy can be enjoyed!

Never Get Lost In The Group

You need, want and pay for results - and personal attention is how we achieve them.

Here at Weight Crafters, we are more concerned with quality of relationships, then quantity of numbers.

We are small and choose to keep the client count down, so that we never have any more than 7  clients at any given time. The result is a highly personalized training approach with plenty of one-on-one attention so you get the best results.

What's Included?

    Top rated fitness camp in the U.S.A.
    Learn ways to lose weight fast at CFS fitness camp
    Try out CFS weight loss and fitness camps for women!
    Come experience CFS weight loss boot camp!
    Beach fitness for the modern age!
    CFS Weight Loss Centers know ways to lose weight fast - weightloss camp for adults!
    Jump into CFS fitness camp for men!
    Other fitness resorts have got nothing on us!
    Fitness vacations just got a lot better at CFS!
    Experience the CFS top rated all inclusive resorts!
    Discover the CFS all inclusive fitness camp and retreat - weight loss facilities for adults!
    Other fat farms and fat camps have nothing on us.

At Weight Crafters / CFS Fitness & Weight Loss Camp for Adults, our up-front price is the final price. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Private, Fully-Equipped Accommodations
  • 1 Deep-Tissue Massage per week
  • 3 Deliciously Prepared Meals daily
  • Kayaking / Paddleboarding
  • 4 hours Group Fitness Training daily
  • Body Composition & Measurements
  • Before and After Photo Montage
  • Daily Snacks & Much More...

Our Price Guarantee: Find another reputable weight loss camp that offers everything we do for less? We'll match them!

Special, Limited-Time Offer:

Weightloss Camp Done Right - Get Started Today at CFS!

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