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The Adult Fitness Camp Experience

The premise of an adult fitness camp is fairly simple - show up, spend your days engaged in exercise-rich activities, eat healthy and enjoy your experience.

The activities available vary widely depending on the fitness camp or retreat you attend - but usually it will be a mix of traditional exercise routines and outdoor activities around the camp or local area. Most of the popular fitness camps work in a "large-group" setting, taking 10-20 campers per workout class or activity.

At Weight Crafters, we like to know everyone on a first-name basis. We incorporate small-group, personalized training with lots of one-on-one attention. We also use a myriad of different workout routines to keep you on your toes, and give you all the fun in the sun you can handle with kayaking, paddleboarding, basketball, tennis, and sometimes obstacle courses and trampoline parks.


Very busy and active days. Four weeks went by very fast - and though I missed home, as soon as I got home I wanted to go back to the camp. What a great group of people! I liked the small and personalized environment much better than the larger camp I attended before. I got better results and I felt like more than just a number. The life coaching was very helpful for me as well.

~Sherri R. / Jacksonville, FL / Read More Weight Loss Camp Success Stories

What's Included at Fitness Camp


Many fitness camps for adults provide most - if not all - of your meals and other needs while you're there. Some offer a simple, straight-forward course while others provide a base program and dozens of extras you can opt to participate in for an extra fee.

At Weight Crafters, our fitness vacation packages are always all-inclusive.

This means everything you need - meals, snacks, activities, deep tissue massage therapy and more - is included up front, with no hidden fees or extras costs!

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Fitness Camp Accommodations & Living Arrangements

Some adult fitness camps operate on the site of a luxury resort, where their clients live in rooms and suites, and eat food prepared by the resort for the duration of their stay. For the more budget-aware camper, some fitness camps have barracks on site where campers sleep 1-3 to a room and share common living areas like a dorm.

There are some camps out there that simply put their clients in hotel rooms a few miles down the road and let their campers ride a bus or shuttle back and forth to the camp each day.

At Weight Crafters, we operate from the Skyline of Madeira - where our clients each stay in a private condo villa. Meals are prepared fresh on-site, workouts take place in our private gym, and everything you need is right here.

As an added bonus, Weight Crafters allows a spouse or family members to stay for free with you in your private condo - or you can share your 2-bedroom condo with a friend and both receive a discounted rate.


Training was very tough and they push you for sure! I was surprised at how much I was able to actually accomplish while I was there. The condos were very nice - beautiful view and just a great staff. It is a small operation, but they are very, very good at what they do.

~Sheila D. / New York, NY / Read More Weight Loss Camp Success Stories

Ready to Make a Positive Change?

Spend some time on you! Come transform your life at Weight Crafters!

Adventure. Excitement. Good Meals. Great Beaches. Better Health.

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The benefits of getting in shape and building better habits at fitness camp:

  • Break free of places and routines that fuel bad habits
  • Be active and adventurous in scenic locations - it's like a fitness vacation
  • Train with experienced instructors who will teach you how to work out your entire body
  • Retrain your tastes, and discover a whole world of healthy and satisfying foods
  • Discover abilities you didn't know you had as you build strength and stamina and experience increased energy levels
  • Snap out of depression and lethargy with the power of healthy living
  • Shed unwanted pounds and get a more sleek, athletic body
  • Take new, healthy habits home with you and keep the momentum going

Learn more about getting healthy and staying healthy:

NIH: Changing Your Habits for Better Health
CDC: Physical Activity and Health
MyPlate.gov: Nutritional Guidelines for Healthy Eating Habits
Mayo Clinic: The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

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